Skrivers will fight to regain the “Karate Combat” champion’s belt in a month – Fighting sports –

The fight is planned for November 3, and in it the Latvian will meet the Brazilian Luis Victor Rocha, whom he won in the third round with a technical knockout two years ago and won the championship belt. Last year he lost to Roche in the second round and the Brazilian regained the title.

Skriver has won the next two fights and his balance in “Karate Combat” is six wins and one loss. Roche has seven wins and two losses.

Skriver signed a contract with the “Karate Combat” organization in September 2018.

“Karate Combat” is an organization that unites karate fighters and MMA fighters with a karate base. The rules provide for kicking technique in the stance with MMA gloves, throws and short series of blows on the ground floor are also allowed, without breaking and strangling techniques on the ground floor.

2023-10-02 19:24:00
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