Sermaises Shuttlecocks: A Badminton Club Fostering Fun and Dynamism

The Sermaises shuttlecocks are a badminton sports association created in 2013 by Patrick Carbillet, affiliated with the French Badminton Federation, which breathes a breath of dynamism.

Since August 2, the club has been certified as a French badminton school thanks to its various actions. Éric Brommec, president of the club, shares the Sermaises shuttlecock projects. “This season, we are going to build an interclub team by organizing small championships. We are going to coordinate meetings with other clubs, with evenings.” He continues: “We continue to organize a night session where we play in semi-darkness with fluorescent lamps. This allows us to reveal certain player skills and we have a lot of fun.”

Youth tournaments and adult tournaments are announced. “We went from the possibility of one open slot on Tuesday for adults to two open slots with the additional session on Friday, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.”. It is also possible to play free play every Sunday morning.

Last year, the club registered 78 members. Organizational and refereeing training is scheduled. Level 1 volunteer coach training is already planned. Five facilitators, including three qualified facilitators, manage the groups. Among them, parents who spend time with their child.

Thursday evening, 13 children took over the field including Naïm, aged 7, Alexis and Bruce, 8 years old, Aedan, 6 years old, and Eleanor, 8 years old. The session begins with warm-ups, fun activities such as positioning yourself on the colors, playing hawk, then we set up the courts and there we play badminton.

Fun outings

That evening, Patrick Carbillet was assisted by fathers in training the youngest. It’s about developing the club while keeping this family spirit, good humor by offering various fun outings, parent-child days with challenges and barbecues.

Three free trial sessions are possible for adults, adolescents and children wishing to try this activity. The sessions take place in the facilities of the community gymnasium, rue Croix Jean Dubois.

The members of the office are Éric Brommec, president, Isabelle Suchard, treasurer, Sandrine Tanquerel, secretary.

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