Salomón Rondón Leaves Monumental Stadium Like a King: River Fans Go Wild


Salomón left the Monumental Stadium in his private car amid hundreds of applause and praise from River fans.

Madness: Rondón left the Monumental like a king and they invented a nickname for him

He put the River fans in his pocket and he knows it. He earned a lot of credit for what is to come and it is not only for the goal he scored against Boca, but for the notable improvement that has been seen in his attitude, his dedication and his level on the field. Salomon Rondon He is already acclimatized to Mundo River and was one of the heroes of the super classic Sunday afternoon.

It could be said that it was a carom and also that he was standing in the right place, what forwards have to do, but the truth is that Rondón paved the way for River’s victory in La Bombonerastuck out his chest before the microphones after the game and was dismissed by the fans as if he were a king.

This is how Salomón Rondón left Monumental

Hundreds of supporters of the Greatest went to receive the bus with the players at the Monumental and stayed to wait for the players to leave the stadium with their private cars. When they saw Rondón leave, everything went out of control.

With a smile from ear to ear and that charisma that has characterized him since he arrived, the Venezuelan made his way aboard a luxurious van and the fans exploded with applause. There were even some bows for King Solomon. “The Salogoool, the Salogoool,” they shouted at him. Was a new nickname born?

What Rondón said after scoring a goal against Boca

We won it because we were better in the last 8 months, we played differently and we have a different hierarchy“, stated the forward when asked for his analysis of River’s victory in La Bombonera.

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