Plans for Baseball Stadium in Montreal’s Peel Basin Officially Abandoned, Expos Dreams Dashed

The plan for a baseball stadium on Peel Basin Field, which kept hope alive among those hoping for a return of the Montreal Expos, has officially been abandoned.

This is what 98.5 FM journalist Jeremy Filosa said on Tuesday, who spoke the day before with a person confirming that the Quebec metropolis was still in the plans for major baseball.

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Hope would no longer come from the location of the Peel Basin, located in the Griffintown district, since the collaboration with the real estate firm Devimco would be a thing of the past.

On Monday, 98.5 FM reported that sketches for a “new park” at the Olympic Park had been shown to “certain important people affected by the project”. The Olympic Stadium itself would not currently be an option.

Rumors that a stadium would be installed on the site of the former Molson brewery were put to rest when the FTQ Real Estate Solidarity Fund and Montoni concluded the purchase of the land on August 30.

The Expos moved to Washington in 2004, but the team has not been forgotten by Quebecers, who have long dreamed of the return of baseball. A shared custody project with the Tampa Bay Rays was also refused in January 2022 by the major leagues.

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