Patrick Mouratoglou Explains Why Novak Djokovic has Always Outshined Nadal and Federer

In a new video published on his page InstagramPatrick Mouratoglou gives the three reasons why Novak Djokovic has, according to him, always been better than Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

“I said that Djokovic would probably be the record holder for the number of Grand Slams when he had 12 or 13 under his belt. I thought so for several reasons. First of all, he was already dominant. At the time he was better than Roger and Rafa. Of course, Rafa was always better on clay, but on every other surface, Novak was superior. Plus, he was still young and I knew his body was in perfect shape. For me, he is the perfect athlete for tennis. And thirdly, I would say it’s his state of mind. He’s definitely someone who wants to dominate. The fact that there were so many fans for the other two and fewer for him, that he was not as loved as the other two, I felt that this had created in him the desire to take his revenge »declared the French coach.

2023-10-03 06:16:00
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