Pablo Carreño: Reflecting on His Return to Competition After 8 Months

Pablo Carreño speaks exclusively to Canal Tenis after being away from the courts for almost eight months without being able to compete.

Pablo Carreño satisfied after his return to the fields

At the Ferrero Tennis Academy about 15 hours after Pablo Carreno will finish his return match to the competition after almost eight months, Canal Tenis sits next to him so he can explain his impressions to us. «I missed the competition a lot and it has been a very hard few months since we didn’t know when we would be able to compete again.«.

The draw placed him with the third seed in the draw, Pedro Martínez, with whom he played a high-level match. The one from Alzira could have been very focused and with great desire he won. Regarding Carreño, his ideas were different. «Now we have to go little by little and see how we are day by day. We lost against Pedro, but The positive thing is that the elbow has gone better than I could have expected at first.. I have all the other parts of my body affected after so long without playing (laughs)«. With a few days to continue training at the academy, his next match will be next week at the Malaga Challenger, which he hopes to have a very luxurious draw being in the 125 category.

From now on, a new stage begins for Carreño since after so long, progress is once again what is expected but the path is little by little. As for the game there could be a change. «I was coming before this happened to me trying to be more aggressive. In training things are usually done well but when it comes to competing the situation changes a lot, but we want the tactic to be to go more for the points«. Therefore, without rushing and little by little, we will see Pablo Carreño in the tournaments.

2023-10-03 19:27:36
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