Olympique Lyonnais Hemorrhages in Crisis: Financial Woes and Investor Withdrawal Threaten Future

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Last in the Ligue 1 standings, Olympique Lyonnais is going through the biggest sporting crisis in its history. Defeated 2-0 in Reims last weekend, Fabio Grosso’s men still don’t seem to be able to revolt. But a few moments later, OL boss John Textor broke the silence via a press release to reaffirm his intention not to let go of the club.

“As you know, in January we will have no governance limits on our ability to strengthen the team. Rest assured that I will NEVER allow this club to lose its prestige. » Since then, it’s not really a glimmer of hope that OL fans see in the distance, but rather problems. And it is the management of Textor which is seriously singled out. FIFA has in fact decided to open an investigation into the transfer of Ernest Nuamah (bought for €25 million by Molenbeek and immediately loaned to Les Gones) and that’s not all.

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Problems pile up for the American

In today’s edition, The Team recalls that OL will have to go before the DNCG again to hope to have a free hand in January, as promised by Textor. And it is not won since the policeman of French football hardly appreciated the sleight of hand carried out in the Nuamah file. As if that wasn’t enough, the daily reveals that on top of that, one of Textor’s partner investors has decided to withdraw!

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This is the Iconic company. The latter, which financially helped Textor for the buyout of OL, wishes to exercise its put option. Clearly, Iconic requests reimbursement of its contribution. Really bad news for Textor since the contribution from the company Iconic is €75 million. Will the American have the means to pay such a sum, when he already has to struggle financially with the DNCG? Why does an investor try to leave less than a year after buying the club? So many elements which are not reassuring for the future of the seven-time French champions.

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