NFL and F1 Embrace Technology to Engage Younger Audiences without Altering the Game

F1 and the NFL want to captivate children and young people with content focused on them without changing the sport. (NFL)

The new generations are growing up in a very different environment, with short and changing content, in which they are the ones who choose what they want to see. That is why sports have the rest to captivate the youngest so that their broadcasts do not decrease in audience over time and the NFL and Formula 1 are taking advantage of technology to achieve this.

For example, the American Football League took advantage of Disney’s relationship with ESPN, the network that has the broadcast rights, to create an experience in which children could watch a tournament game in an animated, TV-style version. Toy Story movie.

While F1 has opted to make changes to its graphic line so that on television the banners and content are more attractive for the little ones.

The NFL has teamed up with Disney and Pixar to create an alternative broadcast based on the Pixar film Toy Story. This approach was used during the game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Jacksonville Jaguars, which took place at Wembley Stadium in London on October 1, 2023.

The broadcast, called Funday Football in Andy’s Room, was an experience that combined elements of animation with the essence of the sport. The players became animated characters while competing in a world inspired by the classic movie, so viewers saw the real match but with a child-like design.

F1 and the NFL want to captivate children and young people with content focused on them without changing the sport. (NFL)

Being the first transmission of this type, there were technical failures such as errors in the location of the ball, since many times it appeared in places where it was not really there or some technical aspects were not balanced with what was happening on the court.

Formula 1 has also joined the trend of adapting broadcasts to reach a younger audience. During the Hungarian and Singapore Grand Prix, a broadcast dedicated to children was presented.

This broadcast featured kid-friendly design to provide a different viewing experience for young fans in the UK and Germany.

During the development of both races, the traditional banners were changed for 3D graphics, team radio broadcasts adapted to children, technical explanations and a variety of colorful graphics and animations designed with little spectators in mind.

Formula 1 also created cartoon avatars for each of the 20 drivers on the grid. These avatars were used throughout the broadcast to add a fun and engaging touch, and have also been part of social media content.

F1 and the NFL want to captivate children and young people with content focused on them without changing the sport. (F1)

The presentation of the broadcast in the United Kingdom and Germany was carried out by Sky Sports, inviting historical motorsport figures and young karting talents, to create an environment much closer to the underage audience.

“We are really excited to share this special edition of the Formula 1 broadcast with our young fans. “As Formula 1 continues to grow in popularity, we are delighted to be working to create something that allows us to show the drama and excitement of Formula 1 in a new way to the next generation of fans,” said Ian Holmes, Director of Rights. of Formula 1 Media and Content Creation.

The NFL and Formula 1 are showing that they are willing to evolve and adapt with technology to the changing demands of the public, ensuring that the sport remains exciting and relevant for all ages, without abandoning the essence of the competition.

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