Neymar Criticizes PSG and Messi, Ignoring His Own Role in Toxic Atmosphere

Neymar says he went through hell at PSG with Lionel Messi. A statement that does not pass, knowing to what extent the Brazilian created the bad atmosphere and bad will to prevent Paris from being at the best possible level.

« He went to paradise with Argentina, he won everything in recent years, and with Paris he went through hell, we went through hell, he and I “. For his first public speech about his departure from PSG, Neymar did not disappoint and hit out at the capital club and the treatment he received there. The Brazilian never felt completely comfortable in Paris, asking to leave the club just two years before his arrival in the biggest transfer in football history. But that did not prevent him from staying six years, and signing a luxurious contract extension in 2021, making any departure almost impossible apart from a lunar offer from Saudi Arabia, which he ended up accepting last summer. A failed ending like his time in Ile-de-France in the eyes of Daniel Riolo, absolutely merciless with the Brazilian star when taking stock of his Parisian years.

For the RMC consultant, nothing ever worked and only a few exceptional sporting performances served as a reminder that Neymar could have been a great player who made history. This was not the case, in particular because of his attitude, his lack of professionalism and his I-don’t-care attitude which ultimately ruined his career. And to put things in their place, Daniel Riolo explains for Colin Interview that it was PSG who went through hell with the former Barcelona player during all his years. “ Neymar and Messi have done a lot of harm to the institution. Neymar, his history is moldy with PSG. So to come and say that he went through hell is just disgusting. I’m so glad he’s gone », Underlined the After Foot speaker, for whom not many people within the club, and even among the players, regret Neymar.

The locker room vacated by the departure of Neymar

« It was so gangrene in the locker room. So many players couldn’t see his face anymore. Honestly, it’s a liberation. This guy has never felt comfortable here, except in the evenings or at his home in Bougival. The rest of the time, he traveled almost three times a week to Barcelona, ​​it’s his city. You don’t hold back with the money. It’s as if your wife wants to leave, and you give her jewelry every day, that’s a mentality from a century ago. And his statements are disgusting, because the mentality of this player has always been questionable. I never liked this player on a human level. Football-wise, he had some great matches where he made me admire him. But on the other hand, he did not pay attention to his professional career. It’s like he doesn’t give a damn. And today the proof he ends up in Saudi Arabia where he went for sorrel “, underlined Daniel Riolo, for whom there is no longer any doubt that the presence of Neymar has done a lot of harm to PSG, and has perhaps prevented the capital club from evolving in a serene and studious atmosphere in recent times. years. This can explain why Kylian Mbappé also insisted so much that PSG let go of Neymar this summer.

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