National Day Sports Craze: Celebrating the Holiday with Sports

It’s a rare long holiday, and we celebrate the holiday with sports – National Day sports venues 2023-10-03 10:35:31.0 Source: Xinhuanet Author: Zhou Mian

Jumping, swinging, smashing… none of the 12 fields are free. This is the scene that reporters saw when they walked into the Olympic Park Badminton Hall in Yiyang City, Hunan Province on the evening of September 30. During the National Day holiday, many people choose to celebrate the holiday by sweating and exercising.

Yiyang has produced famous badminton players such as Gong Ruina, Gong Zhichao, and Tang Jiuhong. “This year’s eight-day National Day holiday, all venues in the badminton hall at all times have been booked.” Wang Peng, the person in charge of Yiyang Olympic Park, said that the arena is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, regardless of whether it is before 2 p.m. There are at least 40 people exercising in the venue at the same time during both the free period and the normal paid period after 6 p.m.

“I plan to play three games throughout the holiday.” Citizen Zhou Zhiping had just finished a hearty game. He wiped his sweat while chatting with reporters about his arrangements. Zhou Zhiping is a member of a local badminton club with 65 people and an average age of 55. “During the National Day holiday, the club arranged games for us every day. If you want to play, you can sign up in the WeChat group. The number of people each time is about 20.” Zhou Zhiping said, “Because we don’t have to go to work the next day, everyone is very motivated. If it wasn’t for my age, I would probably be fighting every day.”

Although it was already after 9 pm, the football field dozens of meters away from the badminton hall was still bustling with people. The reporter saw that whether it was a 7-man field or a 5-man field, there were teams wearing uniform uniforms playing, and there were dozens of spectators on the sidelines who spared no effort to cheer for the players.

“It’s a rare long vacation. All my golf friends who have played together since childhood are back. It’s a good opportunity for everyone to play together, so I have no travel plans at all.” Wang Di, 40, said that in middle age, he is busy with work. He and his family rarely meet anyone to play football on weekdays. He and his friends started making careful plans more than a month before the National Day: which team to play on which day, and where to have a dinner after the game. To this end, Wang Di also “discussed” with his wife in advance to send mother and daughter back to their parents’ home one day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, and then pick them back up on the last day of the long holiday. “In the middle days, it’s all about football.”

Wang Peng said that most of the venues in the Olympic Park have been booked as early as a week before the festival. In order to meet the sports needs of citizens as much as possible, they have also opened an 11-person real grass football field for Frisbee enthusiasts.

“During the National Day holiday this year, there were 12 large-scale national fitness activities in all districts and counties in the city, including basketball, badminton, and square dancing.” Huang Yuhan, director of the National Fitness Service Center of Yiyang Culture, Tourism, Radio, Film and Sports Bureau, said that not only are most of these events arranged in Communities and villages, and many teams from outside the province have also been invited to participate. It is expected that the total number of participants will exceed 2,000.

It is understood that since 2016, Yiyang City has built 110 new football fields and 10 gymnasiums, upgraded and renovated 34 venues, trained more than 10,000 community sports instructors, and provided free badminton, table tennis, swimming, etc. Project guidance. “This year’s National Day holiday, in addition to traditional popular sports such as badminton, basketball, and football, sports such as tennis and orienteering are also favored by more and more people.” Huang Yuhan said.

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