Maria Sharapova Reflects on Cori Gauff’s Career Path and Believes Patience Paid Off

Maria Sharapova, who won her first major at the age of 17, thinks it’s good that Cori Gauff had to wait a little longer.


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Maria Sharapova is rarely seen playing tennis anymore

Maria Sharapova knows a few things about becoming quite famous quite young. In 2004, the then 17-year-old Russian won the title at Wimbledon, surprising the big favorite Serena Williams. The latter would later take a terrible revenge in terms of sport. However, Sharapova’s modest record against the American (2:20) could not affect her status as a superstar.

Cori Gauff also had her coming out on the sacred lawn in London: as a 15-year-old, she beat Venus Williams at the start of 2019. And in doing so, you set yourself enormous expectations. Which Gauff was ultimately only able to fulfill a few weeks ago with her triumph at the US Open. Still in her early teens.

Sharapova enthusiastic about Gauff’s team

For Maria Sharapova, this career path is almost like a gift for Coco Gauff. “Her journey has been interesting so far,” the five-time major winner explained on Rennae Stubbs’ podcast. “From the age of 16, she was a hope and a goal – and everyone thought that she would make it soon.” But it was these expectations that ensured that it took a little longer.

“But I think that was helpful for her,” Sharapova continued. “Because it took a few years for her to figure out how to do it. In contrast to the fact that she is at the top right from the start and then you are surprised at what lies ahead.”

In any case, Maria Sharapova sees the future prospects for Coco Gauff as excellent. “I think she has a great team around her. The genuine support from her parents is evident. And that is a beautiful story. I’m sure she’ll handle the ups and downs brilliantly.”

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