Magic Johnson Declares Stephen Curry as the Best NBA Player

Comparisons are a very typical trend in the NBA. The best League in the world also lives on this, from the constant debate, the eternal discussions, always enhanced by those social networks that shape public opinion, that place where the battles that decide wars are won and lost. This is how the North American competition has achieved enormous openness, reaching all parts of the planet, allowing everyone to express their point of view and even promoting it through television programs that constantly compare the past with the present and that remain on the surface… but they hook. These types of comings and goings are constantly followed in an underworld, that of the digital, in which anyone feels they have the right to give their opinion.

Sometimes, of course, it is the protagonists themselves who are in the fray and claim their own figure. And not only Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley, who on TNT are in charge of talking about past times that were always better for them and utter various expletives left and right. The one who spoke on this occasion was Magic Johnson. The NBA legend, one of the best players of all time in a proven and objective way, has been in charge of putting the dots over the i’s, as they say. It was in an interview with Zach Gelb, statements that have been collected by Lakers Daily. There he has answered several questions… one of them, if Stephen Curry has reached his level. And the legendary point guard has had no problems responding.

“Well, do the numbers say that, Zach? If he won more than five championships and had more than three Finals MVPs and three season MVPs, then he is the best. If he is the top assist of all time in the Finals and has become the leader in triple-doubles and second in triple-doubles in the playoffs, as well as fourth in steals… If he has more than all those numbers , then, he is the best.” That’s how Magic has shown himself, who hasn’t been shy about talking about Curry like that. That, beyond his historical position, a very hackneyed debate, he is a generational player, one of the best ever and a man who has participated in the change of basketball, as well as one of the greatest references in the sport. modern.

Magic Johnson has a resume full of successes: 5 NBA rings in 9 Finals, a brutal dominance in the 80s alongside Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Pat Riley with that Showtime that changed the 80s, three MVPs of the season, many others of the Finals and up to 12 All Star times, with 2 MVPs in said games. His retirement came early due to being HIV positive, a goodbye that was discovered would not have been necessary and that allowed him to return in 1995-96 for a short period of time. His eternal figure, always linked to the Lakers, allowed the NBA enormous levels of growth, boosted by Jerry Buss and David Stern, which made the rivalry with Larry Bird’s Celtics something unique. And, meanwhile, the best League in the world was once again able to boast the most captivating game on the planet. The one from Magic, of course.

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