Magic Johnson Declares Himself the Best Point Guard in NBA History, Despite Stephen Curry’s Success

Former Lakers legend Magic Johnson has decided who is the best point guard in NBA history between him and Stephen Curry. His answer is clear.

Alongside Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson brought joy to the Lakers in the 80s with no less than five NBA championship rings. Performances which allowed him to have his famous number 32 retired by the Los Angeles franchise. With such a track record, can he be considered the best leader in the history of the League, even if players such as Stephen Curry, titled four times, can come knocking at the door? But for Magic Johnson, there is no room for debate.

“If he has more than five titles, if he has more than three Finals MVP awards and three regular season MVP awards, then he is the greatest. If he is in first place in assists in the NBA Finals, second in double-doubles for the playoffs, fourth in steals for the playoffs… If he got more than those numbers, then he’s the best,” a- he replied on CBS.

Four rings for Curry, the sharpshooter

Statements echoing those of Stephen Curry, who believed he was the best point guard in the NBA, ahead of Magic Johnson. Drafted in 7th position by the Warriors in 2009, “Chef” Curry has won four NBA titles (2015, 2017, 2018, 2022). Considered one of the greatest shooters of all time, he posted a record 43% three-point success percentage and became the record holder for the most successful three-point shots in the history of the League, regular season and playoffs combined (3,390 shots). Stephen Curry is also two regular season MVP titles, twice world champion with the United States (2010, 2014), nine times All-Star, Finals MVP (2022).

If the Golden State player scored more points than the former Lakers player (21,712 against 17,707), Magic Johnson has more rebounds (6,559 against 4,179), more assists (10,141 against 5,740) and more interceptions (1,724 against 1,419) in a few more regular season games (906 against 882). In the playoffs, “Magic” also leads the way in rebounds, assists and steals, but not in the number of points scored. So who is the best point guard in NBA history?

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