Lionel Messi’s Return to Barcelona: A Special Match with Inter Miami

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This summer, at the end of his contract at PSG, Lionel Messi decided to take a big leap to join MLS and Inter Miami, after resisting Saudi Arabia and failing to make his comeback at Barça. A real source of pride for Jorge Mas, the boss of the Florida club, who talks about the transfer to Marca. “I always aspired to recruit Leo. Everyone told me I was crazy to think he would come to Inter Miami. What could be better than the best player in the world coming to Miami, where he could enjoy with his wife and children. In 2019, I organized a meeting with Jorge Messi. There, David Beckham and I explained the Miami project to Jorge for three hours. I told him, ‘Your son will have the opportunity to create a new legacy because he will be able to change a sport in a country,’ and that very rarely happens to an athlete. I maintained constant communication with Jorge. It took four and a half years to convince Lionel and for him to decide with his family. I never lost hope. »

A Barça – Inter Miami friendly match?

Delighted to have surpassed the competition which was obviously XXL in this matter, Jorge Mas is nevertheless well aware of the special link between Messi and Barcelona. This is why the boss of the MLS franchise intends to facilitate the return of La Pulga to the Catalan city, which will probably be done with the organization of a special match between Barça and Inter Miami.

“Messi’s departure from Barcelona did not go as he wanted, he was not able to say goodbye to his club which welcomed him as a child, and I think the circumstances were not those that Lionel would have wanted. I promised him that I will do everything possible in the coming years so that he has the opportunity to say goodbye to his fans in Barcelona. Inter Miami will go or organize a special match. »

To sum up

Lionel Messi, who left for Inter Miami this summer, will return to Barcelona. Jorge Mas, the president of Inter Miami, had always dreamed of recruiting Messi. He plans to facilitate La Pulga’s return to Barcelona, ​​perhaps organizing a special match between Barça and Inter Miami, recognizing the difficult circumstances of his departure from Barcelona.

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