Hangzhou Athletes Make History: Three Gold Medals in One Day

Yesterday was a “three happy events in a row”: In the morning, Hangzhou athlete Wang Congkang and his teammates won another gold medal – the men’s 500-meter four-person kayak event; then Wang Nan and his teammates won the women’s 500-meter four-person kayak event. This was also her The second gold medal in this Asian Games; subsequently, in the Go women’s team event, Hangzhou teenager Wu Yiming and his teammates won the gold medal. As of 20:00 that day, Hangzhou athletes had won three gold medals in one day, bringing the number of gold medals won by Hangzhou athletes in this Asian Games to 13, breaking the historical record of 11 gold medals won by Hangzhou athletes in a single Asian Games.

There are 38 Hangzhou athletes competing in the Hangzhou Asian Games. The competitions involved include badminton, swimming, tennis, boxing, cycling, canoeing, rowing, dragon boating, jujitsu, taekwondo, volleyball, basketball, go, international There are a total of 16 major events including chess, bridge, and e-sports.

During their growth, they all left a deep imprint of Hangzhou. How champions are “refined”, listen to what their teachers say.

Wu Yiming’s primary school teacher: No matter how busy she is in training, she can still complete her homework on time

Xu Xuzhen, a teacher at Caihe No. 3 Primary School, is Wu Yiming’s primary school teacher and Chinese teacher. After learning the news that Wu Yiming won the championship, Teacher Xu was very excited and immediately shared the good news with everyone in the class WeChat group. At the same time, Teacher Xu also sent blessings to Yiming’s mother: “Yiming’s mother has been with Yiming for more than ten years. Thank you for your hard work! Congratulations!” Wu Yiming’s mother also expressed her gratitude to everyone in the group.

Teacher Xu recalled that when he was in elementary school, Wu Yiming was small, fair, and had a quiet personality. He didn’t interact much with his classmates when he first arrived, but he quickly integrated into the big family of the class. At that time, Yi Ming had to go to school for cultural classes in the morning and go to the chess academy to take professional classes in the afternoon. It was very hard to take care of both his studies and chess skills. However, the little girl is very perceptive. Not only does she make rapid progress in her chess skills, she is also very focused in her studies at school. She can quickly master knowledge points and complete her homework on time no matter how busy she is in training.

Teacher Xu said that because she only had half-day classes, teachers from various subjects paid special attention to her and provided her with individual tutoring on academic matters. They would also communicate with Yiming’s mother in a timely manner when encountering situations and cheer her on during competitions.

In October last year, the school took the opportunity of the school anniversary to invite Wu Yiming and another chess academy student Yan Xisui to return to school to compete face-to-face with the younger students on their chess skills and share their experiences.

Wang Congkang’s coach: I fell in love with this good prospect at first sight

Wang Congkang first learned judo, then switched to kayaking. In February 2008, he was selected into the Hangzhou kayaking team. In 2008, Chen Chunsheng, the head coach of the Hangzhou Canoeing Team, and Ren Guoduo, the coach, went to Pujiang Sports School to select young talents, and they fell in love with Wang Congkang at first sight. Chen Chunsheng recalled: “On the sports field, this child ran very fast, was tall, had long arms and legs, and was a good candidate for kayaking!”

When he was in the Hangzhou team, Wang Congkang got up at 6 o’clock every day, took cultural classes at Chen Jinglun Sports School in the morning, and trained in the afternoon. The training venue was Maoxiang Shuiqing Lake in Maojiabu. Chen Chunsheng and the coaching staff formulated a targeted training plan based on his physical condition and growth and development, laying a solid foundation to avoid “reinforcing growth”.

In the 2014 National Canoeing (Stillwater) Championships, 18-year-old Wang Congkang won the national championship for the first time in the national competition. He was the youngest winner among the Zhejiang team’s award-winning players.

At the 2023 Canoe Flat Water World Championships held in August this year, the Chinese team composed of him and his teammates qualified for the Paris Olympics in the men’s four-person kayak 500-meter event.

Wang Congkang lived up to expectations and won two gold medals in this Asian Games. It is worth mentioning that his wife Li Dongying is also a kayaker and won the first place in the women’s 500-meter single and four-person kayak at this Asian Games. The couple won a total of 4 heavy gold medals. Some people joked that the suitcases the couple could not carry back home.

Zou Jiaqi’s primary school principal: Not afraid of difficulties to sow a championship dream for herself

On September 24, at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, the Chinese team Zou Jiaqi/Qiu Xiuping won the gold medal in the rowing women’s lightweight double sculls final. This was the first gold medal produced in this Asian Games and the first gold medal won by the Chinese delegation. ’s first gold medal.

On September 29, after winning the gold medal, Zou Jiaqi returned to her alma mater, Hengcun Primary School in Tonglu County. The teachers and students of the school warmly welcomed her and gave her flowers and applause. Principal Yu Weijun delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the school. He wished Zou Jiaqi another good performance in next year’s Paris Olympics, and encouraged fellow students to follow Zou Jiaqi’s example and not be afraid of difficulties, work hard, climb to the top bravely, and sow a legacy for themselves. Championship dream.

Walking into the campus again, Zou Jiaqi was filled with joy as she looked at the energetic juniors and girls around her. During the interactive exchange, Zou Jiaqi actively shared the hardships of daily training and the joy of winning the gold medal in the Asian Games. She said: “I will continue to work hard and fight hard to welcome next year’s Paris Olympics in the best condition.” She also encouraged her juniors. School girls can have dreams, work hard and move forward courageously along their goals.

Fei Liwei’s junior high school teacher: The school “tailored” flexible homework for him

On the day Fei Liwei won the men’s 1500-meter freestyle final, Hong Jun, the principal of Kyoto Primary School, shared a graduation photo in his WeChat circle of friends with the text: Find where Fei Liwei is. It turned out that Fei Liwei was a 2015 graduate of Kyoto Elementary School. In the impression of Huang Yifang, the head teacher of the primary school, Fei Liwei has endured hardship since he was a child. He attends school every morning and goes to training in the afternoon and evening. Even so, he never falls behind in his homework. He is a good child with both good conduct and academic performance.

The academic pressure in junior high school is not small, and many students will put aside their hobbies first, but Fei Liwei is still studying and swimming, striving to achieve “the best of both worlds.” Zhou Ling, the head teacher of Zhaohui Middle School, said that in junior high school, Fei Liwei continued the “class model” of elementary school – half day reading and half day training. His swimming training is very hard and often lasts until 20 o’clock. The school taught students according to their aptitude and “tailored” flexible homework for him, allowing him to make independent choices. “This child is very sensible. As long as he can physically bear it, he insists on completing school homework.”

Another thing that impressed Teacher Zhou deeply was that the handwriting of the tip was very graceful. Moreover, in Teacher Zhou’s view, Fei Liwei is quiet, calm and focused when studying. These excellent qualities also help him become an excellent athlete.

 Hong Jinquan’s junior high school teacher: He has been an enthusiastic child since he was a child

In the men’s 4×100m freestyle relay final, Hangzhou youngster Hong Jinquan made his third appearance, breaking the Asian record with his teammates and winning the championship.

Hong Jinquan attended junior high school at Xixi Middle School. On the night of the game, his junior high school teacher Zhao Lifeng waited in front of the TV early and watched the entire game. After winning the championship, Teacher Zhao immediately sent his blessings to Hong’s mother and Hong Jinquan.

During his three years in junior high school, Hong Jinquan spent most of his time practicing swimming at Chen Jinglun Sports School, rain or shine. As long as he returns to school, his teachers and classmates will do their best to help him make up for the missed homework. “He often entrusts classmates who train with him to bring homework books and textbooks to him, and he works hard to find time to complete them.” Teacher Zhao said.

Teacher Zhao recalled that Hong Jinquan was an enthusiastic child. Whenever he was needed in class activities, he would actively participate in class activities and help students in need.

Hong Jinquan told Mr. Zhao that after the Asian Games, he will be involved in intense training and competition. In Teacher Zhao’s view, his spirit of never stopping training and never giving up on his studies has inspired the teachers and students of the school all the way.

Ye Shiwen’s primary school teacher: She was particularly good at physical education when she was studying

In the women’s 200-meter breaststroke final of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Hangzhou girl Ye Shiwen performed well and won the championship at home.

Everyone is familiar with Ye Shiwen. She has won the Olympic Games and attended Hemu Primary School in Gongshu District when she was a child. On September 28, Zhang Min, the school-level associate coordinator of the Youth Activity Center in Gongshu District, Hangzhou, who once served as the principal of Hehe Primary School, posted a photo on WeChat Moments. The girl running on the playground in the photo was a third grader at the time. Ye Shiwen, the teacher standing next to cheering for Xiao Ye is Zhang Min. He said that the photo was discovered by teachers at Hehe Primary School while sorting out Ye Shiwen’s information. “I received this surprise unexpectedly and found out that I had won the title of champion. Xiaoye’s success is inseparable from her hard work and hard work.” Zhang Min said with a smile.

According to Ye Shiwen’s class teacher Du Yan, when Ye Shiwen was in elementary school, she was a relatively quiet and reserved girl who had to go to Chen Jinglun Sports School for training every day. Her sports performance is particularly good. She once won first place in the school in running, high jump, and long jump, which won her class a lot of extra points in sports events such as sports meets.

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