Guillermo Coria Reflects on His Career and Bond with David Nalbandian in YPF Interview

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Guillermo Coria was always a fan of the game. With his tennis virtuoso he became top 3 in the world, but before reaching the elite of the sport, he fought a lot traveling the world on the circuit. And the Wizard revealed how important David Nalbandian was in his career. “I was what I was as a player thanks to him too, we strengthened ourselves. I grew up with him. I enjoyed playing David because he demanded the most from me,” he said in a series of interviews for the 100 years of YPF.

Guillermo Coria – 3-10-2023

Coria and great anecdote with Nalbandian

Today captain of the Davis Cup team, Coria remembers what it was like to tour the circuit with Nalbandian when they were very young. Rivals and friends who found themselves in these situations… “Having gotten to play the Roland Garros Junior final together was difficult, because we both slept in the same bed… It was a two-seater bed and we put the pillow on the half to avoid touching each other’s legs, ha. The next day I beat him, I didn’t have the time to celebrate too much, heh.”

The Magician pointed out how well they complemented each other with David. “If I felt out of timing, it was a 10-minute rally with him and that was it. He knew where he had to throw the ball to me and I to him. He was a player who was clear at what moment to push to tip the game.”

So many years shared in preparation and then as circuit rivals… “We traveled by train because we didn’t have a penny and we saved… For me it was wonderful and he is a person that I admire and respect a lot.”

Guillermo Coria in the YPF interview cycle.

A series of great historical interviews

During a new episode of “Protagonists, 100 years of a passion”Guillermo Coria reviewed his career, his achievements, the titles, the remembered Roland Garros final and how he went through his entire professional stage.

The talk was part of the cycle led by journalist Daniel Arcucci. It is that, as part of the celebrations for the 100 years of YPF, the company published a book with the great moments of Argentine sport, with photos from El Grafico and written by the man himself. Arcucci. This historical review ended up becoming a series of interviews, conducted intimately with great athletes from our country.

Guillermo Coria – 3-10-2023

El Mago Coria with YPF.

Previously, he participated as interviewed Pepe Sanchez, idol and reference of the Golden Generation of Argentine Basketball. The cycle consists of a total of eight interviews with different national sports leaders. In them, Daniel Arcucci talks with each athlete about their career, origins, the best moments experienced, and they also review the most important things of the last 100 years in the disciplines that saw them shine alongside the flagship energy company.

The program can be seen on DeporTV and on the official YPF channels. In addition to Pepe Sánchez and Coria, other figures that can be seen on screen are Luciano de Cecco, Agustín Canapino, Luciana Aymar, Laurina Oliveros and Agustín Pichot. Everyone will review their sporting career but also their personal history: the beginnings, obstacles they had to overcome, the glory, the experiences at the time of retirement, and -especially- how they obtained the motivation and energy that helped them reach their goal. the highest.

During the recordings, each of the referents received a copy of the YPF and El Gráfico book from Santiago Carreras, YPF Institutional Affairs and Communication Manager, who invited them to leave a message about the sport and its values. “We have been supporting our teams and we wanted to hear the words of the protagonists, their story and how they live the impulse that we give to sport from YPF,” said Carreras when asked about the project.

“Protagonistas” is more than a talk show. It is an in-depth, intimate, emotional conversation that covers images, memories, sensations and reflections of those who brought Argentine sport to the international level.

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