Gregg Popovich Praises Spurs Player Jeremy Sochan: A Promising Talent Alongside Victor Wembanyama

As Victor Wembanyama’s long-awaited debut at Spurs approaches, attention is logically focused on the Frenchman. However, the squad that will surround him does not lack talent either, as evidenced by Gregg Popovich’s recent praise of one of his players.

For the entire NBA, the main attraction of next season is Victor Wembanyama. The French prodigy indeed arrives with the status of generational prospect and the popularity rating that this implies. A phenomenon inevitably increased tenfold in the Spurs environment, which his mission will be to bring back to the top of the league in the long term and whose project he already embodies.

Given this hype that surrounds him even before his official debut, the young French interior inevitably sees all the spotlights focused on him. This over-media coverage would almost push some fans to forget that basketball remains a team sport and that the former Mets will not be the only one to wear the black and white jersey next year. And more importantly, he will play alongside talented teammates.

Wemby’s teammate who melts Gregg Popovich

In San Antonio, the squad is rather young but very promising. Recently, the franchise’s leaders also extended Devin Vassell’s contract for $146 million over five years. Some confidence is therefore placed in the current Spurs group, including by Gregg Popovich. During Media Day, the legendary coach, for example, expressed this feeling towards… Jeremy Sochan:

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He can play in all positions ranging from leader to strong winger. And depending on the circumstances, potential injuries or the opponent we face, I could consider putting him at position five so that we play small-ball. He’s like those baseball players who can play everywhere, although I don’t know if that still exists. The sky is the limit for him. He’s an incredible competitor.

He is able to bring the ball up and manage an attack, he is also one of our best passers. He’s really important for us when it comes to bringing speed to our game. He played a crucial role in the fast tempo we managed to achieve last year. It was really fun to watch.

For Sochan, receiving such laudatory words from Pop’ should be a great source of motivation to continue working hard.

The duo formed by the Pole and Wembanyama thus represents one of the biggest sources of hope for Spurs. The winger has already informed the media of his complicity with his new partner and shows himself convinced that they will pose big problems to their opponents. It’s hard to imagine this team going to the playoffs this season, but the future doesn’t look any less bright…

If Victor Wembanyama fuels almost all the discussions in San Antonio, Jeremy Sochan also has something to excite the fans. In any case, Gregg Popovich seems to be a fan of the Pole and is looking forward to supporting him in his sophomore season.

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