Giant Struggles: New York Falls to Seattle Seahawks in Defensive Showdown

New York Giants (1-3) – Seattle Seahawks (3-1) : 3-24

Daniel Jones (27/34, 203 yards, 2 int) was alone in the world. Without Saquon Barkley to advance and without Andrew Thomas to protect him, the Giants quarterback had a nightmare evening. Sacked 10 times, Jones also lost a fumble and threw two nasty interceptions.

The first sealed the fate of the match. With New York already trailing 14-3 at the end of the third quarter, the Giants have the ball 5 yards from the end zone. Jones then throws into the hands of Devon Whiterspoon. The rookie cornerback returns the ball for 97 yards to make it 21-3.

If the absences have not helped, number 8 does not seem able to raise the collective level of the attack either.

A blocked meeting

Seattle’s defense set the tone from the start of the game. On the first blue offensive, Jones attempts a quarterback sneak on 4th&1. Blocked. A few minutes later, on a sack, he released the ball on his own 7 yards. A gift for Geno Smith (13/20, 110 yards, 1 TD) and DK Metcalf (3 rec, 34 yards), who score two actions later (0-7).

But the Seahawks can’t really get going either. So the Giants are back in the game on foot (3-7). We had to wait until the last three minutes of the second quarter for Seattle to advance. Surprise, it’s with Drew Lock (2/6, 63 yards) at the helm! Kenneth Walker (17 races, 79 yards, 1 TD) completes a 75-yard drive with a touchdown (3-14). Smith went out with knee pain for a few minutes before returning after the break.

Returning from the locker room, despite Smith, the blue defense continued to hold out. Seattle fails on 4th attempt then misses a field goal.

The deferring Seahawks

In the middle of the third quarter, there is still a match. But Daniel Jones has already taken five sacks. Even Parris Campbell (3 rec, 15 yards) was sacked on a pass attempt! And it is precisely on an attempted connection between the two men that Whiterspoon emerges for the interception of 21-3.

Behind, everything is collapsing. Even more. Jones took five more sacks in the final quarter alone and threw another interception, this time into the hands of Quandre Diggs.

Funny match. Seattle won thanks to a fiery defense, while the attack did the minimum, almost discreetly. The stars of the day are Bobby Wagner (17 tackles, 2 sacks), Jordyn Brooks (2 sacks), Devon Whiterspoon (2 sacks, 1 int) or Uchenna Nwosu (2 sacks). The only downside is the exit of Jamal Adams due to concussion only nine actions after the start of a match which was his return after more than a year of absence.

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