FC Copenhagen vs. FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League NOW in the live ticker

FC Bayern Munich will face FC Copenhagen in the Champions League today. SPOX is ticking the game live.

FC Copenhagen vs. FC Bayern Munich – 1:1


1:0 Lerager (56th), 1:1 Musiala (67th)

Lineup FC Copenhagen

Grabara – P. Ankersen, Dix (78. Jensen), Vavro, Meling – Falk, Lerager, Diogo Goncalves, M. Elyounoussi, Achouri (66. Roony) – Claesson

Lineup FC Bayern Munich

Ulreich – Mazraoui, Upamecano, M.-J. Kim, Davies – Kimmich, Laimer (77th Müller) – L. Sané (77th Tel), Musiala (77th Goretzka), Coman – Kane

yellow cards

Meling (54.), Lerager (64.) / Musiala (69.)

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FC Copenhagen vs. FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League NOW in the live ticker – 1:1

81. Müller now crosses to the left of the box to the five-meter edge, where Goretzka nods the ball just past the right with his forehead.

79. Müller with his first action – a direct shot that flies meters over the box.

78. The FCK also made a change: Jensen comes on for Diks.

77. And Goretzka replaces goalscorer Musiala.

77. Then Tel comes for Sane.

77. Now Tuchel changes – and three times. Müller starts with Laimer.

74. Goncalves goes down too easily against Upamecano. While the Parken Stadium calls for a penalty, Elyounoussi stays in the action and shoots the ball just centimeters past the left post. Ulreich would have been powerless.

73rd class, very long ball from Kimmich into the path of Sane, for whom the angle is then too acute after a buttery-soft acceptance.

70. 20 minutes left to walk normally. Copenhagen is relatively unimpressed by the equalizer. The Danes continue to play down their game and even dare to back off a bit.

69. Musiala also gets the yellow card because he hits the ball away after a referee’s decision.

FC Copenhagen vs. FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League NOW in the live ticker – Goal FC Bayern

67. Gooooood! Copenhagen – BAYERN 1:1. The compensation! Through an individual action. Musiala starts dribbling on the left in front of the penalty area, manages to assert himself against two opponents and then chases the ball from 17 meters into the bottom right corner. Simply world class.

66. First of all, Copenhagen changes: young Roony comes in for Achouri. 17 years old, youngest FCK goalscorer of all time, an absolutely exceptional talent.

65. In addition to Tel, Choupo-Moting will probably also come into play at Bayern. Both are still taking instructions from Tuchel’s coaching team.

64. Lerager shoots the ball away out of frustration after a whistle – and is then punished with a yellow card.

63. After a little more than an hour, Kane still has only nine (!) ball contacts. Without firing a shot.

61. Anything but fireworks on the pitch, Bayern are lighting one or two flares in the stands.

59. Coman is attacked 30 meters in front of the goal by two or three FCK men at the same time, and is ultimately separated from the ball.

58. Bayern are undefeated in 35 group games – does the mega series end tonight in Copenhagen?! At least the Parken Stadium is cooking now!

FC Copenhagen vs. FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League NOW in the live ticker – Goal Copenhagen

55. Gorgeous! COPENHAGEN – Bayern 1-0! The Danes lead! The Munich team are suddenly disorganized at the back. Claesson muddles around in the five-yard box but fails with a shot from Kim in front of the goal line. The ball then bounces in front of Lerager’s foot, who hits the left corner with a dropkick. Ulreich looks on with no chance.

55. Kimmich chips the subsequent free kick from the right side safely towards Garbara.

54. Meling puts his leg too far out against Sane and receives the first warning of the evening.

54. Tel is already getting ready for a substitution on the sideline. It shouldn’t be long before the youngster arrives.

52. Goncalves receives too little resistance on the left, especially from Laimer. The pass again to the left to Meling then robs the FCK chance.

50. Kim attentive to Achouri, who tried to break away after Claesson was put down.

49. Coman and Sane have now swapped sides. This means that both are more likely to be able to cross inwards from a full run.

47. The fire in the stands has gone out again. We continue on the lawn.

47. And the ball is at rest again. The reason: There’s a lot of smoke coming from the Bayern block. Impressive pyro show from the Munich chic crowd.

46. ​​Let’s continue in the Parken Stadium!

FC Copenhagen vs. FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League NOW in the live ticker – kick-off 2nd half

Half time Bayern haven’t gotten beyond good approaches so far. The ball usually ran like clockwork until it reached the penalty area, but then there was never any way through against the compact Copenhagen team, who kept putting the ball in attack.

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It’s still 0-0

FC Copenhagen vs. FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League NOW in the live ticker – half-time break

45.+2. Half time!

45.+1. Sane powerful, but too central from 25 meters – Grabara grabs it safely.

45. Musiala and Coman with quick one-two passes on the left side, Musiala then with a snake-like dribble – nice to look at, but a bit of a fruitless art. No conclusion is reached.

43. Mazraoui crosses sharply in front of the goal from the right side – Vavro gets the ball in front of Musiala and clears it over his own goal.

40. Five minutes left until break. Copenhagen continues to make things extremely difficult for Bayern. Kane, for example, is not a factor at all.

39. Sane moves inwards from the right, but doesn’t finish – and then commits an offensive foul.

37. Musiala with a lot of speed down the left side, but then was too playful and made the wrong decision. Instead of trying it himself, the midfielder again passes it inaccurately to the left side to Davies, who was covered.

35. Kimmich gets the ball in front of the FCK penalty area. The precise pass into Sane’s path had long since been blown off.

34. Bayern have the ball almost non-stop in this phase, but can’t find a way through. Copenhagen is extremely good with two tight chains of four and defends uncompromisingly.

32. Misunderstanding between Laimer and Sane, who deprive themselves of a good finishing situation on the right side of the box.

30. Coman lays it off at the penalty area for Kimmich, who puts a shot just over the roof of the goal.

29. Suddenly Claesson is free, but shows nerves in front of Ulreich and shoots past the post from ten meters to the left. After all: It was probably offside, at least the flag went up immediately afterwards.

28. Elyounoussi with the next shot. The Norwegian’s header flies straight into Ulreich’s arms.

26. Sane reaches towards Anchouri, actively extends his arm and checks the Copenhagen player over the sideline. Pretty rough.

24. Davies runs behind Coman, but then puts the cross a little too high. Sane dives under the ball.

23. Goncalves takes the free kick from the left half of the field himself – but it falls far too short.

22. With a simple pass, Copenhagen bridges Bayern’s first line, then Goncalves takes a free kick on the left while dribbling.

20. On the left, Davies, Coman and Musiala hold the ball quickly, then it goes even faster to the right, where Sane is prevented from finishing at the last moment by Meling with a tackle – still the Munich team’s best move so far.

17. Sane passes through to the right of the penalty area for Kane, who takes a tackle on the right in front of Grabara – but it’s offside.

15. The opening quarter of an hour is over, Bayern already have 76 percent possession of the ball. However, there was still no real chance to score.

13. Goncalves aggressively wins the ball on the halfway line, then sends Elyounoussi on the left, whose cross into the middle is hit a little too far for Achouri.

11. Sane looks for Coman with a long cross pass, who still reaches the leather with the tip of his foot, but cannot process it cleanly.

9. Musiala takes a measure from a corner from the left edge of the box, but also only hits a Dane.

8. Sane with a space-opening pass to Coman, who hits two hooks on the left side of the box and then shoots – Diks stands in between and blocks.

6. Mazraoui plays a pass on the right at the halfway line directly into the feet of Claesson, who is too surprised. The ball bounces to Kimmich. Bayern are rebuilding.

4. Elyounoussi takes a high ball well and then shoots straight to Ulreich from a half-left position. But it would have been offside anyway.

3. Copenhagen takes the first corner of the game on the right. In the middle, Kim then clears with his head without resistance.

2. Excellent atmosphere in the stands. Around 3,000 Bayern fans traveled from Munich to Denmark.

1st kick-off at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen!

FC Copenhagen vs. FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League NOW in the live ticker – kick-off

before the start Bayern are now the measure of all things in the group phase. 35 games without defeat across seasons, most recently 13 wins in a row, and have easily advanced to the knockout phase every year since 2009.

Before the start, Copenhagen’s German horror record: The Danes have never won a Champions League game against a German opponent (twelve games, four draws, eight defeats). The last group stage season was against Borussia Dortmund.

before the start At the weekend, FCK, who lead the table in Denmark, suffered a 2-0 defeat against Midtjylland. Bayern also made a mistake and lost their lead in the Bundesliga with a 2-2 draw against Leipzig.

before the start At the start of the CL season, Bayern celebrated an entertaining 4-3 win against Manchester United. Meanwhile, Copenhagen led 2-0 against Galatasaray for a long time, but still had to settle for a 2-2 draw in the end.

Before the start Compared to the 2-2 draw against Leipzig, Tuchel only made one change: Mazraoui started instead of Goretzka. The Moroccan acts as a right-back, while Laimer slides into central defensive midfield.

before the start Bayern start with: Ulreich – Mazraoui, Upamecano, Kim, Davies – Laimer, Kimmich – Sane, Musiala, Coman – Kane.

vor Beginn Kopenhagen started my: Grabara – Ankersen, Diks, Vavro, Meling – Lerager, Falk, Goncalves – Elyounoussi, Claesson, Achouri.

before the start Two weeks ago, FC Bayern got off to a good start in the group phase of the Champions League. They won 4-3 at home against supposedly strongest opponents Manchester United. Today it’s against the Danish champions from Copenhagen, who couldn’t get more than a 2-2 draw in their opening game against Galatasaray Istanbul.

before kick-off The game kicks off at 9 p.m. at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen (Denmark).

before the start Hello and welcome to the group game in the Champions League between FC Copenhagen and FC Bayern Munich.

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