Fans Celebrate River’s Superclásico Victory with Hilarious Memes


River surpassed Boca, beat them well in the Bombonera and the fans brought out all their ingenuity on social networks. We share the best memes after the superclassic victory so you can spend it with your bostero friend.

Delirium of the fans on the networks.

It was a perfect Sunday for River. It all started early with a spectacular flag from the fans to say goodbye to the team before leaving for La Boca. Once the action began, there was no doubt that there was only one team that wanted to win it. Although Jorge Almirón tried to reestablish that it was a referee theft, the reality is that on the field his team barely even kicked the goal.

The match ended 2-0 in favor of Millonario, who won with goals from Salomón Rondón and Enzo Díaz. Once it was over, the footballers celebrated on the playing field, then in the locker room, also on the way to the bus, on the same bus and when they arrived at the Monumental, The fans were waiting to thank them for the victory at the home of their eternal rival.

But a superclásico is special and the fans play it too. On this occasion – like so many other times – social networks were flooded with memes to rave the fans of the eternal rival. One of the main victims was Valentín Barco, who in the two superclásicos he played practically did not touch the ball. Although he was not the only victim, there was also a stick for the usual misfits who attacked the Millonario players who celebrated Enzo Díaz’s goal near one of the stalls, for Jorge Almirón and for Edinson Cavani.

Don’t miss the best memes

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