Experience the 8th Edition of the Stag Bellow in Counozouls: A Must-Attend Event for Deer Lovers!

Saturday October 7 will take place the 8th edition of the stag bellow in Counozouls. On the program: conference, exhibition, observation and festive meal! This event organized by the Acca de Counozouls and the Aude Hunting Federation is an unmissable event for deer lovers! For those who don’t know the route to Counozouls, open your eyes and contemplate the magnificent landscapes, because it’s already quite an adventure to reach the small village on the slopes of Madres! From 2 p.m., the village will be bustling. All around the church, you will find animal exhibitions, but also deer moults. Several activities will be offered including an introduction to archery and a workshop on traces and clues. The village’s artisans, including the Coutellerie du Zouave, will also have their workshops open. At 5 p.m., the conference begins by Gérard Cezera and Julien Canet who will come to talk about deer and slabs as part of the ENS program in the Aude department. They will take the opportunity to present their magnificent book.

A time to observe and listen to the deer’s bellowing will then be offered (remember to take your binoculars). Finally, at 8 p.m., the famous meal will begin. On the menu, doe burger and fries without forgetting the starter and dessert.

Reservations are required before Wednesday evening by message on 06 37 79 40 08.
2023-10-03 20:40:00
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