Enzo Pérez Blows Kisses to Former Teammate in Professional League Cup Victory


El Millonario took the lead in La Bombonera 40 minutes into the first half and during the celebration Enzo Pérez was seen blowing kisses to one of the sides. We tell you who the recipient was.

© TV CaptureAfter the 1-0 that had him as the protagonist, Enzo called out his former teammate in the National Team and in Estudiantes.

Enzo Pérez played an impressive superclásico. The captain becomes huge in the goat games and against Boca he gave a new example of the kind of player and leader he is. In the first half it was a beating by River’s midfield over Boca’s, in the second half the process was somewhat more complicated, but Enzo Pérez -and his teammates- had a great performance to avoid possible dangerous situations. It should be noted that Boca barely kicked the goal.

River dominated the actions, but the goal was only found 40 minutes into the first half. After an advance from the left and two mistakes by the local team’s players, the ball was left to Enzo Pérez in the crescent and he kicked a firm shot, which was barely deflected by Salomón Rondón and the ball went to Sergio Romero.

Enzo Pérez shouted it with his soul and when he returned to his field so that Boca could serve, in the broadcast it was seen that he threw some kisses to the side and It was later learned that the recipient of the same was Marcos Rojo, who was not part of Almirón’s squad due to being injured. The central marker was watching the game on the playing field and greeted Enzo with a smile, whom he has known for years and with whom he was a teammate.

old acquaintances

Enzo Pérez and Marcos Rojo shared a squad for years. In the first instance in Estudiantes de La Plata, which was technically led by maestro Alejandro Sabella. Later they were teammates in the Argentine National Team both in the 2014 Brazil World Cup and in the 2018 Russia World Cup. On more than one occasion they were seen greeting each other cordially and in the past superclásico was no exception.

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