DFB eleven before the game against Mexico: History teacher Müller remembers vaguely – Sport

DFB eleven before the game against Mexico: History teacher Müller remembers vaguely – Sport

At the obligatory meeting with the press on the eve of the international match between Germany and Mexico, Julian Nagelsmann did not provide any specific information about the starting eleven, but it is more than likely that Thomas Müller will be able to celebrate his anniversary during the game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. His 125th appearance for Germany is coming up, which is one of the reasons why he was sitting next to the coach on the podium.

Even though Müller stated that he “noticed such numbers and records very casually”, he could not deny his importance as a historical figure in German football. Müller is one of the last remaining players from the most recent game against Mexico at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. An experience that he now talked about like a history teacher: This 0-1, he said, was “the start of the period that we have looked back on negatively for years.”

Müller actually didn’t want to talk anymore about the painful details of this dark era, which should come to an end with the commitment of the new national coach. But then he contributed to the historical clarification: Müller reported how his resignation recently came about.

Basically, Müller had already left the service on December 1st last year. After the German team was eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar, he had the feeling that his Germany career had come to an end because the old Müller would definitely no longer be called up: “I knew about the mechanisms that apply after such an elimination .” And so – “free from the liver,” as he said now in Philadelphia – he spontaneously and almost preemptively gave his farewell speech in a television interview, at the center of which he placed the perfect final formula: “I did it with love.” A half-sentence of breaking news status that spread like wildfire. Müller gone for good – that made the German failure in Qatar seem even greater.

“I am of the opinion that as a player you cannot resign as long as you are nominated”

Müller now explained that the fact that he accepted Hansi Flick’s invitation to return in September did not actually represent a contradiction: “I am of the opinion that as a player you cannot resign as long as you are nominated. If the coach wants to rely on me , then I don’t want to chicken out either.”

Julian Nagelsmann assured that he was “gladly” accepting the offer and that he would not only like to benefit from Müller’s flashes of inspiration, which are still possible at any time, but also from the Munich native’s experience. The national coach thinks pragmatically instead of perspectively. That’s why he’s not planning a comprehensive rotation for the game against Mexico in order to rest players for the next Bundesliga weekend or to ensure balanced usage statistics in the squad.

He will change “nuances” to the lineup and “certainly not change five players at once.” Nagelsmann said he wanted the team to “get a rhythm.” Above all, he wants to build on the positive balance after the 2-1 win against France and the 3-1 win against the USA and lift the mood at home. There is no better place in the table or trophy when meeting Mexico, but the national team can collect a lot of bonus points in terms of public image.

Leon Goretzka could be one of the victims of this leitmotif. Nagelsmann made it clear in his remarks that he has no interest in dissolving the midfield center with Pascal Groß and Ilkay Gündogan. Goretzka will then probably only have part-time employment again, not enough for his demands. Thomas Müller, on the other hand, as a walking monument, has reached the point that even a few minutes bring him joy. The 125th will certainly not be his last mission.


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