Denver Nuggets Coach Michael Malone Sets High Expectations for Jamal Murray: All-Star and All-NBA Goals

Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone does not want his players to rest on their laurels after winning the first ring in franchise history. A witness that has been quickly picked up by the locker room, where they are seen repeating the ring despite how well the rest of the team has been reinforced. ‘contenders’.

In any case, Malone not only wants to see his players repeat success in the playoffs, but he also hopes that they receive some of the recognition that the NBA offers at the end of the season. ‘regular season’. In statements shared with journalists during the ‘Media Day’, the Nuggets coach revealed the challenge he has posed to Jamal Murray. «I want him to be an All-Star for the first time this season. “I also want him to be All-NBA,” Malone said. «And he has to do it since October. He can’t start slowly.”

Despite his immeasurable talent and how important he has been to the success of his team, Murray still does not know what it means to play in an All-Star Game or be part of one of the NBA’s Best Quintet, either because of the tremendous competition that has accompanied him in his position or due to the injuries that have hindered his career in the league.

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In fact, Murray has proven to be much more effective in the playoffs, a time of the course in which he has had his greatest performances. In the post-season he averages 25.0 points and 6.3 assists in a total of 53 games, numbers that drop to 16.9 points and 4.2 assists in the 410 regular season games that he has played.

Murray surely has enough ability and talent to be an All-Star and All-NBA, but in the end, the Nuggets may err on the side of caution in order to reach the playoffs in the best shape possible, taking into account the concerns that exist with respect to the health of its titular base. However, if Malone has issued this challenge to him, it is because, possibly, he plans to squeeze him to the maximum to find out what his ceiling is.

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