Controversy Ensues as Alianza Lima Players Caught Partying at Nightclub

Controversy Ensues as Alianza Lima Players Caught Partying at Nightclub

Alianza Lima players are caught in a nightclub. Photo: La República composition

After the draw against ADT in Matute, Alianza Lima players were caught celebrating at a party during the night of last Saturday, October 21. The images that are on social networks show the footballers in what apparently would be a nightclub.

In the videos circulating on social networks, you can see Bryan Reyna, who had minutes yesterday, sending greetings to a fan at the request of a party guest. After that, you can hear how he warns the person not to upload the video for fear of the possible criticism it would cause. Likewise, Carlos Zambrano, who is injured, is seen dancing with his partner.

What has intensified the controversy is the presence of injured athletes at the meeting. One of the most notable cases is that of Andrés Andrade, who is in the process of recovery. In addition, Pablo Sabbag was also present, a player who also remains out of the field due to injury.

The audiovisual material was extracted from the Instagram account of a young woman who had participated in the event along with the members of the blue and white club. Minutes later, the user decided to delete the content from her social networks.

Furthermore, this situation has angered Alianza Lima fans because they have taken it as a lack of respect for the club and the lack of effectiveness that the players have had in front of goal during the last few matches.

Alianza fans get angry on social networks

After the publication of the videos. The reactions were immediate and many expressed their discontent with the attitude of the footballers. “They don’t commit to the team, today we were sad and Barcos alone” and “Cueva and Zambrano came to Lima to be able to play, not to play in Alianza. They ruin the group,” were some of the comments.

Users react to the Alianza Lima players’ party. Photo: diffusion

Alianza Lima ties with ADT

The tie with ADT had already been a blow to the hopes of the team’s followers, as it took them further and further away from the precious three-time championship. Everything will depend on the following matches and a stroke of luck so that they can keep the precious title.

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