Coach Massimo Cancellieri and Hugo Invernizzi React to Defeat Against JL Bourg

Discover the reactions of coach Massimo Cancellieri and Hugo Invernizzi after the defeat against JL Bourg.

Hugo Invernizzi: « We didn’t know how to put in the necessary intensity at the start of the match so as not to let them lead the game. It was our fourth match in eight days so there was definitely a little fatigue but that wasn’t the case. That’s not an excuse. If we want to play two competitions, we will have to get used to it and deal with it. I think at the start we didn’t start too badly but in the second quarter we gave them too much space. As soon as we wanted to increase our aggressiveness, we were penalized and it’s complicated to manage. It’s only the third match, it’s not the opponent, we’re the problem. When we lost to Limoges, we said it was because we had the lead in the European Cup, and today we are saying the same thing again. On the contrary, you have to take the positive, you have to tell yourself that you are qualified in BCL and be even hungrier. We must not be satisfied with things. There are a lot of moments where we don’t play together, where we don’t play very well. We take a lot of shots at the end by forcing because we have no solutions. We’re going to have to sort this out quickly. The opponents were solid on the ball, they were intense. They didn’t let us do what we wanted. It was a very physical match and we couldn’t keep up with them. During the first half, Dan and Léo already had three fouls, it’s complicated after the rest of the match when the big guys on the team are punished so early. It was an accumulation of lots of things but we will get up and come back stronger. »

Massimo Cancellieri: “I’m upset with the treatment we received in the first quarter from the trio. We tried as Bourg tried. It’s not possible to have two different ways of whistling. Afterwards they changed but it was too late… I took a technique because I spoke to my player. This is not normal. For the rest, defensively it was exactly the game plan we wanted to do, but offensively we were really superficial, without rhythm, without collective play. There were only individual initiatives against an athletic and physical team. It was impossible. We have to pull ourselves together and learn to play against a physical team otherwise it will be difficult. We have three trips and then we face Monaco and Asvel. Sanders was still injured. I don’t want to put Cavalière in position 5 for 30 minutes. That’s not normal and that’s not our team. This year, you have to give your body and soul to win. These are not the Euroleague years in Strasbourg. That’s what I’m here for and everyone needs to understand that. I don’t have anything more to say because I’m really upset tonight. »

2023-10-03 19:31:10
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