Chia and Soh: Setting an Example as Badminton Role Models in Malaysia

Chia and Soh: Setting an Example as Badminton Role Models in Malaysia

Being badminton role models in Malaysia

Chia and Soh claimed their first title of note at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

And their world title triumph last August was something of a shock given they had not reached a BWF World Tour final that season. Even now, they are yet to win a BWF World Tour title.

As Soh recalls, “I think last year was a wonderful journey for us. Before the World Championships, we struggled a lot but we slowly gained confidence match by match. And slowly we built up our games with experience.”

Soh says they have made “progress” in 2023 having reached three BWF World Tour finals as well as collecting that world bronze.

As Lee Chong Wei and Lee Zi Jia can testify, being a badminton star in Malaysia attracts huge expectation and public scrutiny.

Chia says he and Soh use that as motivation, admitting, “The pressure has been there since we became national number ones. And now the pressure will be more and more. You have to know how to handle it.”

As well as pressure comes the status of role modelssomething the duo are keen to live up to.

“I think it’s quite important for us. Everyone is looking at us as role models for all those youngsters, ” said Chia. “We have to show everyone that we are deserving of respect and deserve to be role models.”

Soh added, “I hope those kids love badminton by watching us. They can enjoy watching us and learn a lot from us too.

“We want to show the youngsters the desire to become like us – world champions – or Olympic champions. So we try our best to show how capable we are.”

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