Chen Yufei and Weng Hongyang Triumph at the 2023 Danish Badminton Open

Original title: Badminton Denmark Open | Chen Yufei won the second championship of the season and Weng Hongyang even defeated the master to create a surprise

On the evening of October 22nd, Beijing time, the 2023 Danish Badminton Open came to an end. The Chinese badminton team became the biggest winner of this event. In addition to the men’s doubles, the Chinese badminton team won the remaining four individual championships. If it is expected that the national feathers have a greater advantage in winning the women’s doubles and mixed doubles events, the men’s singles Weng Hongyang and the women’s singles Chen Yufei won the championship because of their outstanding performance, and secondly, they fully grasped the male and female badminton world today. The opportunity for players Axelsen and An Xiying to be absent. Weng Hongyang won the Super 750 championship for the first time, while Chen Yufei won the second championship of the season.

After the Asian Games, Guoyu did not enter the rest period, but gathered all the main players to participate in the Denmark Open. In women’s singles, the world’s number one South Korean player An Se-young was injured in the Asian Games finals and will not be able to participate until the end of the year. At the same time, Japanese star Akane Yamaguchi was injured during the Hong Kong Open before the Asian Games and was unable to participate in the Asian Games. Meeting, the absence of two of the world’s top women’s singles players created prerequisites for Chen Yufei to win the championship, and Chen Yufei also seized this opportunity.

In this competition, Chen Yufei’s three games from the 1/8 finals to the semi-finals were civil wars. She defeated Wang Zhiyi, He Bingjiao and Han Yue successively, which fully proved that she is still the No. 1 national badminton women’s singles. Chen Yufei’s opponent in the final is Spanish star Marin. This is also a direct dialogue between the 2016 Rio Olympics women’s singles champion and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics women’s singles champion. The previous results between the two were 4 wins and 3 losses for Chen Yufei, but for now, Chen Yufei has the advantage. Chen Yufei did not give Marin any chance during the game and won two consecutive games 21-14 and 21-19 to win her second championship of the season. Interestingly, Chen Yufei won her first championship this year after defeating Marin. It was at the Indonesian Open in June, when Chen Yufei also won 2-0.

The men’s singles competition gave fans a big surprise. Among the national badminton players, Ong Hongyang, who was ranked lowest, defeated strong opponents, including Indonesian star Ginting and senior brother Shi Yuqi. In the final, he swept Malaysian brother Li Zijia 2-0. Winning the high-level tour championship for the first time also improved his current world ranking of 22nd.

In the women’s doubles final, the “Fanchen” combination Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan defeated their old rivals Japan’s Chihiro Shida/Nami Matsuyama 2-0. In the mixed doubles final, the No. 2 Chinese badminton team Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping defeated Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong 2-1 for the first time, winning their seventh championship this season and their first 750 event championship. The decisive game lasted until 26-26 It takes 24 to decide the winner. The Chinese team won all four games in the final day and dominated the Denmark Open.

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