Bricklayer’s Brave Act: Heroic Intervention in Robbery Attempt

Bricklayer’s Brave Act: Heroic Intervention in Robbery Attempt

PIOMBINO. It’s around 8pm in Piazza Dante. A normal Wednesday evening. Dorian Llaftiu, a 44-year-old bricklayer and building contractor of Albanian origin but resident in Piombino for more than twenty years (where he lives with his wife and two children), is waiting standing on the pavement for his wife to arrive by car to return home : behind us a day of work and an evening of training, so much so that I still have my bag with my judo clothes under my feet. He has been practicing that martial art all his life, well before arriving in Tuscany, it has become a routine for him. It is at that moment that his gaze falls on a scene that makes his blood freeze in his veins: a man in his forties tries to quickly move away from a much younger boy (“probably not even thirty” says Dorian) who is chasing. He seeks help, limps while walking and is unable to shake off the pursuer. Who reaches him at the crossroads between via Tellini and via Fucini, and in a loud voice threatens him by ordering him to give him his wallet.

«None of those 5-6 people who were around Piazza Dante lifted a finger – says Llaftiu – I understand them, I don’t blame them. I was scared too: that boy had one hand behind his back, as if to make it clear that he had a weapon with him. But that man was terrified, I couldn’t remain idle.” So, while the forty-year-old, trembling, reaches into his wallet to hand over the money to the criminal, Dorian approaches with a determined step. «I shouted at him to leave – he says – and I put myself between him and the man who was trying to rob, trying to protect him. I had my judo bag with me, probably seeing that he thought it was best to listen to me and after a while he retraced his steps and disappeared. Why didn’t I call the police? I asked myself that too immediately afterwards – admits the 44 year old – maybe I even made a mistake, because I should have done it. But when I saw that he was robbing it I acted instinctively. Probably my training in judo also gave me that security that others have not found, but I too was afraid that that individual would pull out a knife: I have a family and children, looking back on it I really acted on impulse but it was stronger than myself”. In addition to the thanks of the man who ended up in the thief’s sights, Dorian was also summoned yesterday morning by the mayor of Piombino Francesco Ferrari for his gesture, who thanked him on behalf of the community. «A gesture not for everyone, of great solidarity and civic sense – explains the mayor – helped a stranger without looking the other way».

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