Boca Fans Sing for Cup Victory Despite Superclásico Loss to River Plate

When the match against Lanús ended, the Boca fans sang that for the Cup no matter what it costs…

When the match against Palmeiras ended, the Boca fans sang that Sunday no matter what it takes…

Jorge Almirón knows very well that he is walking among explosive mines, and he considers each decision very well in these very complex cases, with vital parties so close to each other. Some think that the decision to put an almost entire team of substitutes against River was a mistake, which was demonstrated with the three changes that he had to make at halftime; Others assume that the partial result forced him to make the changes, because his idea was to preserve as much time as possible for those who will play the revenge in San Pablo; Some and others agree that the inclusion of Ramírez, a highly questioned player who has not holed one in a while, is not understood.

Boca seemed to play with one less that first half, and River, who knew how to take advantage of it, went to halftime with a carom goal (the ball went far from the goal in Enzo Pérez’s shot and the rebound in Rondón dislocated Romero) . But beyond the detail, the 1-0 marked justice.

It didn’t surprise anyone that River went into halftime with a goal in their pocket, much less that they ended up winning the game 2-0. In the balance of the 90 minutes it was clearly more because:

1) He handled the ball better.

2) He had many fewer minutes of distraction than his rival.

3) Generated more and better goal situations.

Rondón and Weigandi fight for the ball. Image: Alejandro Leiva

4) He had better individual performances.

5) He defended with more solvency than he had been doing lately.

6) Romero worked twice as hard as Armani.

7) He managed the game times more judiciously.

The central defenders crossed many times with great firmness in some arrivals of the restless Benedetto. De La Cruz, and especially Esequiel Barco, pulled all the strings in the middle of the field and managed to get there by playing, and to also defend by playing in the moments that were supposed to be complicated. River was simple and effective, and settled the issue in the end after several attempts.

On the Boca side, very lukewarm in the first half. The entry of Valentín Barco, Medina and Ezequiel Fernández first, and then Cavani and Zeballos left in some passages the feeling that a tie was possible. In fact, there was a good goal by Cavani with a bicycle kick that was canceled by a millimeter offside, and there was great dedication to fight for each ball, but none of that was enough to change the idea that a team treated the ball with love and played what they wanted. he more or less knows, and the other did what he could and it worked out.

For River, the victory, which is always celebrated a lot in a Superclásico, served to rebuild its image after some mediocre games, and to decompress the internal climate.

Boca has the consolation that there were no injuries, that everyone will be able to be in the big stop that is coming, the one that made the fans sing at the end of the Superclásico “in San Pablo whatever the cost…”.

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