Barça continues to rise and achieves its seventh victory against the revelation Bilbao Basket

Barça continues to rise and achieves its seventh victory against the revelation Bilbao Basket

Seven consecutive victories are a trend and show that Barça’s victory is very positive and continues to rise. The seventh victory came against one of the revelations of the League, the Surne Bilbao Basket, (91-82) and confirms the good feelings that the team has shown Roger Grimau in states last two weeks in Europawith very solid triumphs on the slopes of the Olympiakos and the Partisan and just 48 hours ago in front of the Bayern Munich.

Willy Hernangomezwith 20 points and 7 rebounds in just 20 minutes, he was the most effective on the team grimace, that shone again on a collective level, although it was vesely (10 points and 5 rebounds in 13 minutes) the cornerstone, the leader who appeared every time the game seemed to be balanced. The intelligence, knowledge of the game and the good timing of the Czech center are now some of the best resources of the Barça team.

It was not a round performance Barça in a match where, by necessity, fatigue had to weigh on the Barcelona fans (the fifth match in nine days) and in which grimace He did not hesitate to move the bench, he limited the minutes of the theoretical starters and gave a lot of presence to the bench players, with a special role for Parra (13 points, 6 rebounds).

roller coaster

The Barça team threatened several times to break the score, in a match with many fluctuations, even with differences of up to 20 points with six minutes left (79-59). An excellent streak of Hernango shirt (7 points) in the second quarter the margin increased to 16 points. Another amazing streak of vesely In the third quarter, (8 points, 4 rebounds) when Bilbao pressed harder (50-47) it led to a 15-2 run in just three minutes.

But Barça allowed him to return to the box on both occasions Ponsarnau, a hard-working block, with resources and a lot of scoring power, which can be seen playing a relevant role in the League with talented players like Adam Smith, Pantzar and Killeya-Jones.

The downturns of Barçait must be said, they always coincided with the absence of the key pieces of the team (Vesely, Laprovittola, Satoransky, Abrines…) and with a certain decline in defense due to the presence of unusual quintets, without as many acquired automatisms, as in the last period, with four Spaniards (Hernangómez, Parra, Abrines, Brizuela) y Jacobite. But the set of grimace He knew how to respond to every threat from the people of Bilbao and add a new victory that shows that he is on the right path.


FC Barcelona (21+26+22+22): Satoransky (8), Laprovittola (8), Parra (13), Da Silva (4), Vesely (10) -starting team-, Hernangómez (20), Jokubaitis (3), Brizuela (2), Parker (6), Abrines (9), Nnaji (2) and Paulí (6).

Surne Bilbao Basket (19+20+18+25): Smith (20), Pantzar (12), Rabaseda (4), Tsalmpouris (7), Hlinason (6) -starting team-, Killeya-Jones (11), Renfroe (-) , Kullamae (9), De Ridder (6), Andersson (5), Reyes (2) and Rigo (-).

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