ART Giants face technical delays but come up short against Römerstrom Gladiators Trier

The big stage was set for the ART Giants at the start of the season in the Second Basketball Bundesliga Pro A with the Römerstrom Gladiators Trier. The SWT Arena was almost sold out with 4,900 spectators, the Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate Malu Dreyer was present – and then the long wait began.

Due to technical problems, including with the 24-second clock, the start of the game was delayed by 46 minutes. When the game finally started, the Trier team lived up to their role as favorites. Although not as clear as they would have liked, in the end the hosts won 86:78.

The hearing before the league sports court will show whether the result and thus the points distribution for the table will hold. Due to the violation of the implementing regulations of the second league, a championship game must begin at least 15 minutes after the game was officially scheduled, the Düsseldorf team protested against the scoring of the game. If this is approved at the green table, the game will be scored as zero for the Giants.

Things got off to a great start on the parquet for the guests. Daniel Alexander Norl’s first three-point attempt found its target. The Gladiators missed the end of the counterattack, Norl grabbed the ball that bounced back from the basket, sprinted across the field and scored two more points from close range. But that should be it for the time being with the field superiority of the ART. The hosts scored 14 points in a row and halfway through the first quarter the Giants were down 5:14.

The guests then didn’t hit anything at the front, at the back they were partly open like a barn door and a Trier player was often able to net completely unhindered. CJ Anderson tried his best to build up the game, but seemed over-motivated in some phases of the game. The team interaction did not work as desired. At halftime, the Trier team had gained a twelve-point lead. One of the reasons was that Düsseldorf was only able to convert three of 13 three-point attempts into points.

The home team’s lead shrank to seven points in the third quarter, as the Giants now managed to more than hold their own against the “Gladiators” with a quick game and a better three-point rate. The Giants came within three points in the fourth and final quarter, but then the Trier team tried several times from beyond the 6.75 meter line and netted three threes in a row.

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