Arrested for sexually abusing his few-month-old daughter

“Look, I’ve been working in this job for years, but I had never known a case like that of the infraser “What we are going to talk about now, Unfortunately monsters exist and are among us,” said Fernando Díaz de la Guardia before analyzing the following event in ‘Four a Day’.

The National Police has arrested a man who allegedly sexually assaulted his own 7-month-old daughter in Madrid and was recorded on several occasions.

Furthermore, the detainee used different social networks, to download and disseminate these contents. As if that were not enough, this “monster” offered his baby to other pedophiles. According to investigations, these offers were so “wild” that other pedophiles rejected them due to the baby’s young age.

The The minor’s mother has also been arrested for collaborating since it played an important role in this framework. The woman had conversations with her partner in which they allegedly exchanged child pornography.

The detainee has numerous convictions for distributing child pornography In Internet. Due to the seriousness of the events, the subject is now called ‘Pinto’s Monster’, a town in Madrid where he lived and where the neighbors cannot stop being astonished when they learn of the events.

The alert issued by the United States that detects that someone in Spain is distributing pornography with babies on different social networks.

The agents found the baby in terrible conditions and even with scratches on his face. In the images that the Police have distributed, it is also observed the unsanitary state of the home where they lived and where the videos were recorded.

‘Four a day’ has the identity of the detained aggressor revealed: his name is Santiago, he has 25 years old, born in Venezuela and has a record of distributing child pornography in 2019. He was arrested and released, married and had a daughter who was born in May 2022. In September of that same year, the United States police realized that this individual continued to distribute child pornography.


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