Analyzing the Point System for WTA Beijing 1000 Tournament: A Chance for Players to Secure Their Spot

We review the points awarded by a WTA 1000 such as the one in Beijing, the second tournaments of the season behind the Grand Slam. We indicate the amount that the players will add in each round. This Asian tournament will be one of the big events of the season on the women’s circuit.

WTA Beijing draw

WTA Beijing results

Beijing will once again have another great edition of its particular tournament. Quite a WTA 1000 and in which many players have their last options to seek their place for the WTA Finals. Perhaps because of that and because it is the last WTA 1000 of the season, it has something special. Furthermore, the pandemic made him suffer a lot. From 2019 to 2023, no edition was held. Despite this, China has returned and has also done so with force on both the men’s and women’s calendars.

The tournament champion takes a number of 1,000 points. For its part, the one who remains at the gates of the final will be able to take the loot that has a quantity of 650 points. Those who become among the four best in the tournament will also have a prize and will be able to obtain a total of 390 points. The amount will continue to decrease in the quarterfinals, although there will be a total of 215 points.

Those who reach the round of 16 will be the last to win more than a hundred, with a total of 120 points. Players who manage to win a match and then are eliminated will have a reward of 65 points. Finally, the players who are eliminated in their debut and do not win any match will not leave empty-handed and will obtain 10 points.

WTA 1000 Points Beijing (China Open)

Amount of WTA Beijing singles pointsChampion: 1000 pointsFinalist: 650 pointsSemifinalist: 390 pointsQuarterfinalist: 215 pointsRound of 16: 120 pointsSecond round: 65 pointsFirst round: 10 points
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