49ers vs. Eagles: Analyzing the Differences Between Two Leading NFC Teams

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The undefeated, what separates the 49ers from the Eagles?

The comparison between these two teams by Eduardo Varela and Pablo Viruega, leading teams in the NFC.

We take a look at the pecking order of the league’s 32 clubs, according to our experts, after the fourth day of on-field action

The fourth round took away one of the three remaining undefeated clubs, and in exchange, gave their first victory of the season to two teams that did not yet know the taste of victory.

Some of the favorites to win it all continue to win without dominating, while some others from whom great things were expected keep us waiting, precisely.

Without further ado, we present the Power Rankings de la NFL after the Week 4 in ESPN:

Week 4 had several movements in the Power Rankings, including first place.ESPN/Agencies

Note: The number in the first parenthesis indicates that team’s place in last week’s rankings. In the second parenthesis, the team’s current brand appears.

The last 10 years the NFL Most Valuable Player award has been dominated by quarterbacks, Christian McCaffrey could break that streak if he continues to have performances like the one on Sunday in which he scored four touchdowns. — E.C.

The Eagles took a step back again after they seemed to right the ship against the Buccaneers in prime time, but suffered more than expected against the Commanders who, on paper, should have won more easily.

They now have two road games they must win before embarking on their big challenge in Week 7 against the Dolphins at home. — LMV

The undefeated, what separates the 49ers from the Eagles?

The comparison between these two teams by Eduardo Varela and Pablo Viruega, leading teams in the NFC.

Buffalo isn’t going to rue that opening day loss to the Jets when it comes to the AFC East race, where they’re clearly still the team to beat, but the Bills could get into trouble in the playoff race thanks to because they couldn’t beat some Jets without Aaron Rodgers on the first “Monday Night Football” of the year. — R.Z.

The Cowboys cleared up the doubts left after last week’s loss in Arizona with a categorical beating of the Patriots thanks to a perfect performance by their defense, which scored two touchdowns. We’ll see if Dallas’ defense is for real or not next week when they visit the undefeated 49ers. — E.C.

It was as crazy to think that they were going to emulate the version of this 1972 team as it was for them to lose undefeated the way they did, but now it will be a real test to see how Mike McDaniel regains the confidence of his players and the next game against the Giants, at home, could be the perfect formula. — LMV

Kansas City continues to have serious problems in protecting Patrick Mahomes, and the punishments of the onerous free agent Jawaan Taylor are cause for concern. However, the lack of collective explosiveness of the wide receiver group seems to be the biggest weakness of an offense that does not resemble that of other editions. — R.Z.

With each passing week the Ravens depend more on Lamar Jackson and the explosive quarterback responded with four touchdowns against the Browns and their tough defense, but the number of injuries that Baltimore is once again suffering in all areas of its squad is beginning to be worrying. . — E.C.

If anyone dared to think that the Packers were going to challenge them for the North of the National League, the Lions were in charge of pulverizing that theory at Lambeau Field itself and even had the luxury of dosing themselves in the second half.

Their visit to Baltimore in three weeks will once again tell us where they really stand. — LMV

The injuries that have accumulated throughout Jamal Adams’ career have gradually robbed us of the opportunity to see one of the most promising careers develop at the safety position in recent years, and that is a real shame. for everyone, not just Seattle fans. — R.Z.

At the beginning of the season the Buccaneers looked like a team that was sailing directly towards disaster, not only due to the retirement of Tom Brady, but due to various injuries on the roster, the reality has been totally different. After four weeks the Bucs are the sole leaders of the NFC South and there really doesn’t seem to be any team capable of challenging them in their division right now. — E.C.

For the second consecutive week, despite their head coach Brandon Staley, they achieved victory and confirmed that they were the best team among those who had started 0-2. It will be important to see the evolution of their quarterback Justin Herbert as well, but they dodged a bullet with the fact that the injury was not to his throwing hand.

Special mention for Khalil Mack and an afternoon of six sacks that allows him to position himself as a leader in this department in the NFL. — LMV

Cincy is reprising that role from years past where he was the perfect opponent for rivals to find rhythm, and now it was Tennessee’s turn, which got its best performance so far this young season from Derrick Henry. — R.Z.

Houston found gold in CJ Stroud, the youngest quarterback to win consecutive games by more than 20 points since 1950, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The transition from college to the NFL has not been a problem for Stroud, who has thrown for more than 300 yards in all of his games and most surprising of all is that he has yet to throw the first interception of his career. — E.C.

They compete with the Texans for the most pleasant surprise of the week, but there is no medal of recognition for this. Now, the big challenge is to maintain the level they showed against the Eagles and their “reward” is to face one of the two teams that have not yet won this season: the Bears. — LMV

Now, seriously, how is it possible that no one saw Puka Nacua before the fifth round in the last NFL draft? — R.Z.

Despite their victory, the Jaguars still haven’t shown a shred of consistency and that won’t change anytime soon if they fail to ignite their running game. Trevor Lawrence is a good quarterback, but no quarterback, no matter how good, can carry his team far if he doesn’t have a backfield capable of producing at least 100 rushing yards per game, something Jacksonville has only had once this season. . — E.C.

Little will be said about how they managed to erase a 23-point deficit in less than a quarter and a half and how Anthony Richardson looked in pressing downs, but we also cannot fail to highlight how they forgot to cover Puka Nacua in the overtime series. — LMV

Cleveland’s season is quickly going down the drain, and it’s logical to assume that Kevin Stefanski has thrown his name into the ring among head coaches who are at risk of not finishing the regular season. — R.Z.

Jordan Love can be a competent starter for the Packers if the offensive line protects him enough for him to finish plays on his feet, otherwise we will often see performances like the one he had against the Lions. Love was sacked five times and hit 11 times in total, the constant pressure forcing him to make hasty decisions that resulted in incomplete passes and two interceptions. — E.C.

It is true that Alvin Kamara barely appeared in the 2023 season and it will take time for him to get into rhythm, but an offense with him and Derek Carr that only managed 197 total yards does not leave his offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael very well and it is also striking that their defense allowed more than 300 yards for the second straight game. — LMV

Kenny Pickett still makes us wonder, what did they see in Pittsburgh to pay a first-round pick? Of course, it is not the only problem with the Steelers, but unlike other shortcomings, it is not seen where a jump in quality can come from the quarterback position. — R.Z.

For many Atlanta players, the trip to London was the first in their lives and it is – to a certain extent – understandable that they had a hard time getting used to the change in schedule and the conditions of the game. The Falcons looked inaccurate, out of rhythm and at times didn’t even look competitive against the Jaguars. — E.C.

Finally, the first victory of the season arrived and that will give a little peace of mind to the Nordic contingent – even if it was against the Panthers – but it seems difficult for their fans to be able to see a victory at home next week since they have to receive to the champion Chiefs. — LMV

The Jets fought valiantly until they got tired of being the positive surprise of the day and once again became the team that accumulated error after error until they were down in the final score. No, there’s not much to celebrate with another loss, no matter how much they squeezed the Chiefs before the game clock hit zero. — R.Z.

The Cardinals have signaled they won’t rush Kyler Murray’s return and right now the last thing they need is to have him back when they’re rolling with Joshua Dobbs. They may not win many games with Dobbs, but right now it’s entertaining to see Arizona fighting week to week. — E.C.

It’s been said enough that this was the worst loss of Bill Belichick’s time with the Patriots and much has been made of the decision to bench Mac Jones in favor of Bailey Zappe, but everyone has a bad day and it’s What has been seen in the campaign allows us to give the vote of confidence that they will once again be a team that will keep the games even, but they must do something about their secondary defense due to the injuries they present. — LMV

Finally, Sean Payton can exhale. The Broncos finally knew victory in the new era in Denver but we should not get too excited, after allowing stellar performances from Justin Fields, Khalil Herbert and DJ Moore, among others. — R.Z.

Aidan O’Connell went from strength to strength and despite the constant pressure he faced against the Chargers defense, he kept the Raiders competitive until the end. If I were Jimmy Garoppolo I would seriously think about taking care of myself on the field because another absence due to injury could cost him losing his job permanently to a rookie… again. — E.C.

It is a team in which there are obvious signs of frustration, as occurred with Ja’Marr Chase’s subsequent statements in the locker room before the media, but it is no wonder if in the four games they have played so far they have not scored a touchdown on offense in the first half. — LMV

If the Giants continue on the path they are going, they will soon ask Brian Daboll to return that Coach of the Year award that the AP gave him for last season. Seriously, the Giants are chained to Daniel Jones for another year, at least, since there’s no way they’re going to swallow a dead-money cap charge of nearly $70 million next offseason. I’m so sorry to the ‘Big Blue’ fans. — R.Z.

Some Panthers fans may be scratching their heads at how CJ Stroud and Anthony Richardson have outperformed Bryce Young despite being selected later in the draft, but they shouldn’t despair. The rookie quarterback has shown signs that he is the future of the franchise, but he needs help from his teammates and Carolina’s talent is far from the rest. — E.C.

Four games gives us an idea of ​​where their season is headed, and while the offense looked better, losing this game at home to the Broncos — the way they did — also invites us to question whether The game against the Panthers (Thursday Night of Week 10) will define who will get the first overall pick in the next draft. — LMV

The following participated in the preparation of these Power Rankings: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafael Zamorano (RZ).

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