Zabaleta enjoys and sets course for the final of the San Mateo fair

Zabala and Zabaleta are the second finalists of the San Mateo fair. They earned it hard this Friday night. The Etxarren defender has imposed his law on the Javier Adarraga fronton court and no one has been able to stop him. His forward followed him perfectly to beat Altuna III and Martija in a tight match, in which the Colorados wanted to play but were unable to. Last year’s champions leave this edition without a victory.

The game started on a positive note for the blues, who imposed their impact from the first moments. The striker from Rioja has kept a cool head, has let his teammate play and has opted for speed to avoid problems, and the Navarrese has had control of the situation in the long frames. In this way they have managed to open a small advantage in the light in which Zabala has made it clear that he was not going to give up the shot. However, he has fallen into the first trap that Altuna III has planted for him, which has sought to entangle as little as possible to make his rivals uncomfortable. He had no choice.

But with the situation more or less under control and an advantage in the light, it has been much easier for the blues to stay focused on the game and manage the situation. The man from Amezketa had few opportunities to score but he took advantage of them, although he did not manage to make his opponents doubt.

At the back, Martija has done the job quite well, but she has had to surrender to the evidence and, little by little, she has lost steam. Towards the halfway point of the match, the blues’ advantage was four points (7-11), which Zabala and Zabaleta managed to extend shortly after to seven because the Rioja native was correct. They were three away from the final because 17 was enough for them, but it took them a bit to get them. The one from Amezketa has changed the dynamics of the match and achieved another small attack that has allowed them to put a little more pressure, although Zabaleta was not up for many surprises and has made it clear.

Great defense

Unlike other matches, he enjoyed himself on the court and, in addition to throwing the ball a lot, he defended perfectly. In this way, the blues have returned to the right direction and, after 57 minutes, they have achieved their place in the final after Etxarren’s man put his umpteenth right back against the wall.

The blow has been hard for the Gipuzkoan and his teammate. Then we just had to wait for Zabala and Zabaleta to put the icing on the cake and close the clash. In the first match of the festival, Elezkano II and Tolosa defeated Urrutikoetxea and Eskiroz (18-22) after a final score of ten goals.

The seventh day of the San Mateo fair will host this Saturday the traditional business challenge in the three modalities. In the match at Parajes, Elordi returns after recovering from his problems on the right. Together with Tolosa they will face Jaka, who will play in place of Urrutikoetxea, and Mariezkurrena II.

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