Yellowwood Park Badminton Club Returns to Action After 18-Month Hiatus

THERE was much excitement among the Yellowwood Park Badminton Club (YWPBC) members as they were able to play and host a league match at the Yellowwood Park Civic Centre on September 14.

Jess Bothma, YWPBC’s secretary and league player, said they started up again at the centre this month, after not having access due to the regulations and disruptions of Covid-19 for about 18 months.

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“It has been a rocky few months as we had to make alternative arrangements to play in Hillary, and this was also difficult with the Coedmore Bridge being out of commission. For over a year, we persisted in Hillary with a very small membership,” she said.

Jess Bothma and Matthew Bruin during a friendly doubles match.

Bothma said she, together with the committee members, Justin Botha, Edwin Delport, Llewelyn Puren, Jeff Campbell and Kinolen Moodley, was concerned that they wouldn’t be able to survive as a club.

“However, since we have been back at the centre, we have seen old and new faces. We are now confident about the future of our club,” she said.

Bothma said badminton can be played as singles and doubles.

Lira Manto.

“The idea is to hit a shuttlecock over the net in a way that is difficult for your opponent to return. You can use speed, strength and strategy. It also requires your mind and your body, and it’s great fun.

“Badminton is accessible and inclusive to all. Our youngest member is 14, and our oldest is almost 80. It is also the fastest racquet sport, despite most people thinking it’s squash,” she said.

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Bothma added that there were great benefits to playing the sport.

“It allows you to be active, keep fit, improve your hand-eye coordination and maintain your overall well-being. Badminton is a low-impact and non-contact sport, so you don’t get any aches and pains playing – just smiles and laughs,” she said.


Bothma said the club participated in tournaments, and some of their members have also played at a provincial level.

“Our club also takes part in an annual league event where we play against other clubs in the greater Durban area. The club has two league teams this year. We would like to encourage those interested, both young and old, to come and join us,” she said.

For those interested in finding out more or to join, the club plays at the centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00 to 21:00.

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