Women’s Self-Defense Course: Empowering Women to Protect Themselves in Riposto

The women’s self-defense course will start on October 3rd, open to all women aged 13 and over, organized by the Samurai Judo School of master Giovanni Tomarchio with the patronage of the Municipality of Riposto. The course, which will last four months and includes two weekly lessons, will allow women to acquire greater confidence and some useful elements in the event of aggression, even within the home. The initiative was presented this morning at the Palazzo di Città in the presence, among others, of the mayor of Riposto, Davide Vasta, of the president of the city council, Nella Casabella, of the councilors for Equal Opportunities and Sport, Elisa Torrisi and Carmelo respectively D’Urso, the commander of the Riposto Carabinieri Station, Marshal Pasquale Scordella, the first lieutenant of the Coast Guard Salvatore Raciti, the third class chief of the Coast Guard Luciana Sorice and the master Giovanni Tomarchio, owner of the Samurai Judo School.

“In a period like this where the almost daily issue is violence against women – comments the mayor of Riposto Davide Vasta – with cases of femicide which, unfortunately, are growing rather than decreasing, despite the initiatives that are taken throughout the territory by the institutions and associations, we could only immediately embrace the idea, make ourselves available, sponsor it and give maximum availability to dissemination, to allow as many women as possible to participate. Among other things, it is free and only requires a small fee of 50 euros for insurance purposes and association membership. We believe – continues the mayor – that it is accessible to many women. It can already start at 13 years old, so let’s raise awareness among parents to send their daughters to give them the opportunity to defend themselves in case of attacks which, naturally, we don’t wish on anyone. We thank master Giovanni Tomarchio, who is the president of the Samurai Judo School, and the entire association for organizing this course in the municipality of Riposto, in its own gym. Today – concludes Davide Vasta – we listened to the testimony of women who participated in the course and who then continued because they became passionate about the discipline which increased their self-esteem and confidence”.

2023-09-28 11:19:08
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