William Gomis wins his fight against Yanis Ghemmouri in a controversial decision

By Louis Lecomte

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UFC Paris. UFC.

At the Accor Arena in Bercy

This is the first Franco-French fight in the history of the UFC (Yanis Ghemmouri is Franco-Algerian). This poster was also an opportunity for the two best French management teams (The management factory of Fernand Lopez and the Bulgarian top team of Guillaume Peltier) to see their fighters compete.

The first round looked like a karate fight, mainly conducted with low-kicks and distance management. Gomis took a small advantage with more powerful shots at the end of the recovery. In the second round, short of a solution, Ghemmouri attempted a risky entry into the fight which ended with a guillotine from an opportunistic Gomis. Ghemmouri came out of it all the same, out of breath, but Gomis also marked the blow physically. In the third round Gomis hit Ghemmouri hard with a (very) low kick that hit his shell. He curled up for a short moment, and the referee immediately declared a stoppage of the fight on TKO. Ghemmouri protested immediately but nothing helped. A hasty decision that left the public perplexed.


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