Völler Responds to Sammer’s Drastic Criticism of German Football Crisis

Völler Responds to Sammer’s Drastic Criticism of German Football Crisis

“He’s right about a lot of things” Völler takes drastic Sammer criticism calmly

9/5/2023 7:27 am

Matthias Sammer is upset about the “biggest crisis” in German football and doesn’t give a damn about the DFB task force, to which he himself belongs. Sports director Rudi Völler reacts relatively calmly. He sees the problems of sport in the children’s pastimes.

DFB sports director Rudi Völler can largely understand the drastic statements made by ex-national player Matthias Sammer about the state of German football. “I’m in contact with Matthias, he’s often very direct with his statements, sometimes he deliberately exaggerates. But: he’s right about many things!” said the 1990 world champion in an interview with the editorial network Germany.

Sammer currently sees the “biggest crisis that German football has experienced in the recent past”. You have to admit it, the 1996 European champion told the Süddeutsche Zeitung: “We’re on the floor.” German football is only “world champion in finding excuses” and has “completely lost its identity”. Like Völler, Sammer is a member of the task force set up by the DFB after the World Cup debacle.

Sammer had also expressed his dissatisfaction with this: “The proof of work after nine months is the installation of Rudi Völler and Hannes Wolf. In my opinion, that’s a bit little,” said the former DFB sports director in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”: ” What has been decided so far is too little. It lacks substance and structure, and most importantly, it lacks a leader.”

Criticism of leisure activities of children and young people

“His criticism was not about the senior national team in isolation, but about football in general and the sport as a whole,” said Völler. He himself is an athletics fan and was “shocked” that the German track and field athletes hadn’t won a single medal at the recent World Championships in Budapest.

But the problem is also a social one. It is a “fact” that children and young people move less nowadays, said the ex-striker: “When we came to training earlier, we were already broken before it started because we were on the soccer field for four hours. Today Many sit in front of the Xbox or the Playstation instead.”

For national coach Hansi Flick, the problems in German competitive sport are also due to the support system. “If you listen to the athletes, it also has something to do with what we promote in Germany and what not,” said Flick: “In my time it was still like this: music club or sports club – there was nothing else. We we have to promote sport more in Germany, not just football.”

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