Victor Wembanyama Sets Sights on 2024 Olympics and NBA Debut

Victor Wembanyama is ready. First the premiere season in the NBA, then the Olympics in our own country. The basketball expectations for the 19-year-old are gigantic.

Victor Wembanyama attacks in the NBA – and at home games. Getty Images

France’s super talent Victor Wembanyama has confirmed a start at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. “To play big at the Olympics would be a great story. I will be there at the Olympics and there is no other goal than gold,” Wembanyama told French media on Tuesday. The 19-year-old is about to make his NBA debut after being drafted first overall by the San Antonio Spurs this summer.

Wembanyama therefore decided not to take part in the World Cup in Asia. “The World Cup was very disappointing. But I don’t have to judge that because I wasn’t there,” said the 2.19 meter tall center, who is considered the NBA’s greatest promise since LeBron James. The French were considered candidates for the title and were eliminated in the preliminary round. At the Olympics, the preliminary round will initially be held in Lille; France, with Wembanyama, is considered a clear contender for a medal.

With King, Curry & Co.? USA brings the big stars

The USA should bring a star team to France after fourth place at the World Cup and a semi-final defeat against the world champions Germany, who also qualified. In addition to superstar James, professionals such as Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are also reportedly considering taking part. The German team around captain Dennis Schröder is likely to rely on the core of the world champion team at the tournament (July 27th to August 11th).

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