Understanding the Balance Point of a Badminton Racket: A Guide for Beginners

What does the balance point of a badminton racket mean? Some novice friends asked this question, this article will talk about it;

The balance point of a badminton racket means the center of gravity of the badminton racket. The way to measure the balance point is to place the middle pole of the badminton racket (the pole between the frame and the handle) on a fulcrum. When the racket frame and handle are kept horizontal, This position of the fulcrum is the balance point;

The balance points of different badminton rackets are different. Generally speaking, they are divided into three types: high balance point, low balance point, and moderate balance point. The corresponding relationships are as follows:

280-285mm is a low balance point; 285-295mm is a moderate balance point; greater than 295mm is a high balance point;

The badminton racket has a low balance point and a light head, which makes it easier to swing. It has a fast start-up speed and quick response. It is suitable for defense, fast-paced doubles, and the frontcourt in doubles. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for killing the ball. The ball has no power and it is difficult to hit high and far balls;

The balance point is high and the racquet head is heavy. When playing, you can use the inertia of the racquet head to hit the ball with more force. The high and far ball is easier to hit. It has strong smashing force and is stable and accurate. The disadvantage is that it starts slowly and is not suitable for defense. , it will be more difficult once you fall into passivity;

The situation with a moderate balance point means that the advantages and disadvantages are not outstanding, the front and back courts can be handled, the single position is not too outstanding, the ball can be killed, the killing force is not strong, and the defense can be defended, but the defense is not as flexible as a badminton racket with a low balance point;

A low balance point is usually a speed badminton racket, a high balance point is usually an offensive badminton racket, and a moderate balance point is usually an offensive and defensive badminton racket;

Beginners can generally choose a badminton racket with a moderate balance point. Of course, if you want to choose a 6U (70-74.9 grams) badminton racket, it is recommended to choose one with a higher balance point, otherwise it will be difficult to hit the backcourt; if you are a novice, choose 5U ( 75-79.9 grams) badminton racket, depending on the situation, a higher balance point will give a better feel;

What does the balance point of a badminton racket mean? The above is the answer to this question, I hope it can be helpful to everyone;

At the end, there is a badminton racket suitable for beginners;

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