Undefeated Miami Dolphins Face Struggling Denver Broncos in Week Three Showdown

Posted on 09/23/23 11:53 by Luis Vazquez | Modified on 09/24/23 at 11:00

The activity of week three of the NFL is coming, where the Miami Dolphins receive their similar Broncos, in a duel where it presents an interesting duality, since the locals are undefeated, while those from Denver cannot let go. the darkness. The Dolphins team maintains a perfect pace, since in the first match they won as a visitor 36 to 34 against the Chargers in a fairly tight duel where they had to show their character in the last quarter. For week two, an uncomfortable rival like the Patriots ended up testing the dominance of the Dolphins 24 to 17. The Broncos have not done well at all since their home team did not help them much to obtain positive results and they started the season losing 17 to 16, against the Raiders, a game that went away in the last moments, while in the second, no matter how hard they pushed, they lost against the Nationals team.

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