Uludağ Basketball: President Aşkın Değirmenci Calls for Support from City and Press

President Aşkın Değirmenci and the board of directors met with members of the press at Uludağ Basketball, Bursa’s ENG Women’s Basketball Super League and EuroCup Woman Representative. Aşkın Değirmenci, 2nd President Arzu Selamet, Infrastructure Manager Veysel Ayaz, Press and Media Manager Halil Kamış, Advertising and Marketing Manager Saffet Beki and Club Manager Fatih Vardar, who met with the press at the breakfast, answered the questions.Mayor Aşkın Değirmenci asked for support from the city and the press and said:“As you know, a new era has begun for Uludağ Basketball. Our team, which represents Bursa in the European arena and the Super League, needs you more than ever. We have made a serious investment and we will continue to do so. Me and my fellow board members tonight, He spends a lot of time during the day. Aside from the financial aspect of the job, the spiritual aspect makes us more tired. We will have new surprises soon, but for now, the Ormanspor match that will be played tomorrow night and is very important for us, and our Eurocup match that will start afterwards are important. It is very important for us that the city supports us from the stands. It is important. Our biggest wish is not to be alone on this path. I want support from you, my valuable press members friends, in this sense. Let Bursa notice us. We will undertake very important works and gain the sympathy of Bursa sports. If both our press friends and the fans support us in the stands tomorrow, the path will be more clear. We can walk comfortably.”Second President Arzu Selamet: “We want to add value to Bursa”Uludağ Basket 2nd President Arzu Selamet said, “We set out by coming together. Your support is very important as we move towards success and goal. In this sense, we want the support of the city and your support.” Uludağ Basketball, the biggest representative of Bursa in women’s basketball, is better Saffet Beki, who stated that they are trying to bring the football team to great places, said: “We are natives of Bursa and we are used to football. We like to contribute to the cities we are in. This is my hometown, we have a team in Eskişehir, but I want to value my hometown more. I want women to come to the fore. “When the president called Aşkın, I told him that we would be happy to support him. I did not know that there was women’s basketball in Bursa until now. We want to do something here and add value to Bursa. We would be very happy if you support us in this sense,” he said.Halil İbrahim Kamış: “Let the name of women’s basketball grow even more”Press and Media Manager Halil İbrahim Kamış said, “When the offer came, we accepted it without thinking. Since we come from the health sector, there is a saying ‘First diagnosis, then treatment’, so we made the diagnosis in our first meeting and started to do what was necessary for the treatment. Last year, the team was stagnant. “We are trying to be a team that has remained in this state but this year stands out more. We believe that women’s basketball is a priority and our work continues at this stage,” he said. Manager Responsible for Infrastructure, Veysel Ayaz, said, “We will be better in Bursa and we will reach good places. We especially wanted to support Aşkın with his call and call. “We have taken responsibility so that the name of women’s basketball can grow and progress further, and we will continue to do so,” he said. İHA
2023-09-28 11:37:15
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