Two Residents Arrested for Violent Ambush and Assault in Pont-Sainte-Maxence

Two residents of Pont-Sainte-Maxence (Oise) were presented this Tuesday morning to the magistrate of the Senlis court with a view to being tried for willful violence with a weapon and premeditation. Aged around twenty, they are suspected of having led an extremely violent punitive expedition against a man barely older than them. The victim, aged 25, is a tenant in a building managed by Opac, rue Salvador-Allende in the Terriers district.

The facts were committed Saturday evening, in the lobby of the building. It is late and two individuals are in ambush. They are expecting a third. When the latter appears, everything happens very quickly. He doesn’t have time to flee and falls into a real ambush. The attackers planned everything to immobilize their victim and beat him. They rushed at him, sprayed him with tear gas before hitting him several times with baseball bats. The man lies on the ground while the attackers flee.

45 days of total temporary incapacity for the victim

Warned, the gendarmes of the territorial brigade examine the videos from the surveillance cameras installed by the lessor in the common areas of the building. One of the two attackers was then quickly found in the neighborhood. The last one is still running. He ended up going himself this Monday to the gendarmerie where he was immediately placed in police custody.

The victim was immediately transported to the Amiens hospital center (Somme). Seriously injured all over her body, she had to undergo emergency surgery. The doctor from the medical-judicial unit who examined her granted her 45 days of temporary total incapacity (ITT). Pending their trial, the two attackers should be placed in pre-trial detention.

2023-09-26 10:41:10
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