Trae Young’s Desire for Multiple Rings: Inspired by Jamal Crawford

Trae Young tHe has a desire not for a ring, but for several. She has confessed this summer, warning that he wants to win three or four with Quin Snyder on the bench, hoping that the Atlanta Hawks coach since March will be his Steve Kerr.

That is why the basis of 25 years and leader of the Georgia team is working hard to incorporate more tricks into his already creative and varied game, revealing one that will delight Atlanta and NBA fans. The star took to Twitter to Jamal Crawford, inspiring for players who love crossovers as much as the point guard.

“Trying this… they say it doesn’t count, what do you think?” Trae Young posted, however, among comments from users of illegal movement by double.

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2023-09-24 05:50:25
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