Top 32 Cornerbacks for the 2023 NFL Season through Week 3: Rankings and Analysis

• A new No. 1 after Week 3: The Titans’ Sean Murphy-Bunting climbs 11 spots in these rankings after he recorded a forced fumble and seven yards allowed in coverage this past week.

• Rookie Brian Branch soars into top five: The first-round pick enters this week’s rankings as a top-five cornerback following his two forced incompletions and four stops in coverage in Week 3.

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If quarterback is the most important position on the football field, then limiting the effectiveness of that player is the most important thing a defense can do.

A team can do this in two ways: It can pressure the passer to disrupt his timing, rhythm and accuracy, or it can shut down the opposing receivers.

Each week, after every NFL game is graded and reviewed, PFF will check in on the top cornerbacks of the 2023 season. These rankings will drastically change over the first month, as one interception, one missed tackle or one deep completion can dramatically alter a player’s grade when the sample size is small. But as snap counts rise, the grades will stabilize, and we’ll get a clearer picture of the league’s best corners.

These rankings will combine PFF coverage grades with our Successful Coverage Over Expected (SCOE) data, which looks at how well each coverage defender performed on non-targeted coverage snaps, as we grade every coverage defender’s ability to prevent separation whether they are targeted on the play or not.

Here are the top 32 cornerbacks for the 2023 season through Week 3 with a minimum of 60 coverage snaps. For more grades and statistics on the league’s best cornerbacks, check out PFF Premium Stats.


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