Tinaco goes out to the streets of the ZMG to look for his partner [Video] – The Sun of Mexico

The story of the water tank that wandered down Mariano Otero avenue will have a second part, since the flood this Thursday dragged another water tank, close to where the previous one was.

A new video circulated through social networks in which a beige water tank can be seen being dragged by the current in the Mercado de Abastos area.

The huge container was seen at the intersection of Chicalote streets between Mandarina avenue and Del Mercado avenue.

Network users musicalized the video with the song a Velero called Libertad, by José Luis Perales. In addition, a sign is shown that says “In search of his partner”.

Others joked that when the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara flooded, the typical water tank cannot be missing through the streets of the city.

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Fifteen days ago, the water tank that wandered generated dozens of memes, which have not ceased through the Internet and all social networks and instant messaging applications.

On that occasion it seemed strange and not very credible that a water tank was seen traveling through the streets, which astonished the people of Guadalajara.

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2023-09-01 06:25:52
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