These are the two Asturians who will be on Montse Tomé’s coaching staff

Montse Tomé will be accompanied by Javier Lerga as second coach, Irene del Río from Oviedo as assistant, Carlos Sánchez as goalkeeping coach, Blanca Romero as physical trainer, Rubén Jiménez and Kiko Meléndez as analysts and Emilio González from Candasí as psychologist. «I trust that the players are professionals. They come from being world champions. I know they will be here with us tomorrow.”

The coaching staff of the women’s team of Montse Tomé from Oviedo will have more Asturian presence. Former Oviedo and Barcelona soccer player Irene del Río, Tomé’s former teammate during her time as a soccer player, will serve as assistant coach, as announced today by the Federation coinciding with the first call offered by Tomé.

The woman from Oviedo del Río is joined by Emilio González from Candas, who will act as psychologist. Javier Lerga (second coach), Carlos Sánchez (goalkeeper coach), Blanca Romera (physical coach) and Rubén Jiménez and Kiko Meléndez (analysts) complete the rest of the staff.

The squad list announced today by Tomé includes the presence of the Asturian María Méndez (Levante) and Lucía García (Manchester United). The latter, who refused to go to the World Cup and signed the statement in which 39 players – among them all the World Champions, with the exception of Athenea del Castillo – made public their resignation from the national team, alleging that the necessary changes. Despite this, Tomé has called up 15 of the champions in Australia and some of the rebels who refused to go to the World Cup: Mapi León, Patri Guijarro, Amaiur Sarriegui and García herself.

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