The RN believes that the subject of “Islamization” is hidden, it leaves the Sports Inquiry Commission

The RN deputies have decided to no longer sit on the parliamentary commission of inquiry into dysfunctions in sports federations. They accuse him of “obscuring major subjects such as the Islamization of certain sports clubs”.

“We noted that the hearings were essentially focused on a problem that must not be denied: sexual abuse and homophobia”, but “that the burning issue of radical Islamist activities in the world of sport was deliberately obscured” , accused RN deputy Roger Chudeau on Thursday, during a press briefing at the Assembly. “It’s a denial of reality,” said the far-right elected official, accusing Europe Ecology-the Greens, the party of the commission’s rapporteur Sabrina Sebaihi, of “Islamo-leftism.”

The National Rally is said to have requested hearings without obtaining satisfaction, in particular that of the collective of Muslim players of the “Hijabeuses”, who had tried to challenge in court the regulations of the French Football Federation which prohibit the wearing of ostensibly religious signs on the pitches. .

VIDEO. Hijabeuses play football in front of the Senate against the ban on wearing the veil in competition

MP Julien Odoul in turn criticized the commission for not “emphasizing political Islam in sport, the rise of communitarianism and anti-white racism”.

The two elected officials explained their position at the opening of the day of hearings on Thursday. “Under these conditions, we consider that this commission of inquiry is completely meaningless, that it will not achieve its objectives given the direction that is taken, we will no longer sit,” said Julien Odoul in committee. .

“Media circus”

“We take note,” replied President Béatrice Bellamy, MP for Vendée from the Horizons group.

Asked by AFP, EELV rapporteur Sabrina Sebaihi described the behavior of RN deputies as “shameful” and a “media circus”. “It’s indecent for the victims we interviewed. The RN’s only obsession is Islam, blacks and Arabs. »

Environmentalists announced in June that they were launching this commission to focus on “the excesses of sports federations”, “sexist and sexual violence, homophobia, racism and corruption”. The approach irritates certain French sports executives, including the new president of the Olympic committee, David Lappartient, who denounced “outrageous accusations” in a letter.


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